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Unboxing and Closed Look: Jordan Why Not.5

When I first saw the pictures of Jordan Why Not.5 on the Internet, I was taken aback at it because it looked as if it were my old companion. Previously its leaked photos have also attracted great attention of many sneaker fans. Now that the pictures of the shoes have been released by the official, it is essential to get some knowledge of the shoes before deciding whether to buy it.

There are four colorways of the shoes, all of which, on a personal note, are very showy. But on the other hand, this is one of the aspects that distinguish the Jordan Why Not shoes from others.

The brand-new Jordan Why Not Zer0.5 applies a variety of materials such as organdy and suede to the upper, ensuring breathability while at the meantime enhancing durability.

Although I myself have several pairs of the Jordan Why Not shoes, I was, like many fans, shocked by the bombastic overall appearance of Jordan Why Not.5. There in the shoes are quite a few jagged, asymmetrical designs, which alone are able to make the shoes stand out.

Over and above that, the shoelace system is reinforced with straps, heel TPU, etc., so as to ensure that the foot is firmly attached to the shoes during movement, thus providing professional protection and stability.

The Zoom Air cushion on the front part of the midsole ensures excellent cushioning performance whenever there are breakthroughs, emergency stops or shooting.

According to the official news, each of the four colorways will be released successively between February and April at a price of $150, which is set to excite many fans once again.


These four colorways are all eye-catching and recognizable. Apart from their appearances, the upgraded setups in the shoes will also stand the shoe owner in good stead, and might even help reverse the final outcome. This, I think, should be a temptation that is hard to resist.

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Unboxing: KYRIE 8

Just as Irving’s performance on the court has received a lot of attention, so has the series of basketball shoes. In fact, because of the KYRIE shoes’ excellent performance, they have always been widely enjoyed. Therefore, when this KYRIE 8 was launched, many people doubted whether it could be as satisfactory as its predecessors. Anyway, to get some knowledge of the shoes, it’s a must to take a close look at it first.

There have been several colorways of the shoes. Each of them has its own features and can therefore cater to the needs of different people.

For the colorway below, the vamp is a large tiger pattern comprised of purple, black and light green. In the tongue of each shoe, there are printed with different logos. Besides, the shoelace system is designed in such a particular way that it can improves the shoes’ overall wrapping performance.

It can be obviously seen from the side that the tongue is designed very high and the padding in it is very thick. However, whether such thick padding can enhance wrapping still remains to be tested.

The material of the upper is different from that of the front part. There is a large area of leather and quite a lot of padding.

The previous Kyrie shoes are equipped with only one Zoom, but now we can find two Zooms in KYRIE 8, which is actually a great improvement. However, the Zoom at the heel is so small that its performance might be barely noticeable.

The design at the heel is all the more elegant and simple. A logo of “Irving” is eye-catching there, but it is nothing more than a decoration. In short, I don’t think the heel design is outstanding or deserves much attention.

My first impression of its outsole was that it was so large and flat, and I even doubted whether the shoe could provide me with the grip I had expected of it. For all that, I must confess that the grains in the forefoot are very nice and distinctive. In the middle of the sole there is also a signature of Irving and the back part is marked red with the number 8, which is highly practical.


To sum up, this KYRIE 8 may not be superior to KYRIE 7 in its appearance, but its setups are certainly improved. Although Irving himself is not engaged in the design of the shoes, that’s not to say that there is nothing to recommend them. But anyway, ultimately it is you who are in charge.

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CURRY 9 Performance Review

Probably because of the historic moment when Curry was crowned the “NBA’s 3-point champion” and the great success of Curry 8, this Curry 9 has been the source of heated discussion before it was officially launched. As of today, it has been some time since the shoe’s official release, but it still enjoys great popularity in this circle. Regrading its overall performance which, I think, is what most people are concerned about, the performance review of Curry 9 is necessary and here it is.

The first glance of the shoes has made me obsessed with it. Its various colorways are quite refreshing and finally I picked this pink and yellow one out of personal preference. Some says that this colorway is not only childlike, but also perfectly matches Curry’s adorable image. I think he has revealed the essence and character of the shoes.

Comparing Curry 9 to Curry 8, I found that the integral design of the tongue of Curry 8 has been changed to a more conventional separated one, which makes the shoes become suitable for a wider range of people and improves flexibility at the meantime.

Aside from the colorways, the most obvious upgrade to the Curry Flow 9 is its vamp. It adopts the Warp, a tech once used in Flow Velociti Wind, whose multi-layer woven structure can firmly fix the wearer’s feet in the shoes. Besides, the tech is also extremely breathable, and during nearly two hours of combat yesterday, I didn’t feel sweltering in my feet.

If you have also a pair of Curry 8, you must have an intimate knowledge of its lightness. However, it is still beyond my imagination that Curry 9 is made more lightweight. A single Curry 9 of size 42 weighs about 300 grams, which is actually second to none at the moment. And thanks to its brilliant wrapping, you can expect a pleasing wearing experience.

Compared with the upgrade of the vamp, the improvement in the midsole stability is not that conspicuous. The special treatment of the additional TPU in the arch is impeccable in both its area and the excellent midsole rigidity in actual combat. Such design is just right with the enlarged outsole of the forefoot, which ensures excellent stability without losing ankle flexibility.

The excellent of the Flow tech has already been proved by many sneakers, not least by Curry 8. Despite that, however, you’d better wipe the soles clean before playing so as to put your capacity to good use. As a matter of fact, it is a shoe’s wrapping and grip that are the core need for a player when it comes to high intensity exercises. Therefore, for many players, this Curry 9 will be a best choice for the shoes are endowed with both excellent wrapping and nearly perfect grip.

Nevertheless, the shoes are not without disadvantages. The fly in the ointment is that the wear resistance of Flow outsole is relatively poor, so the shoes is more suitable for playing in the indoor wooden floors or rubber fields. For those who are accustomed to the asphalt fields, I think the shoes might not perform as well as it is expected.

Many reviewers have said that they are also attracted by Curry 9’s cushion so that the shoes have become also a daily necessity for them. In my case, whether I am to make breakthroughs or to start up, Flow always provides instant feedback for me.


If you’re the one who are in need of extreme flexibility and lightness, and are good at shooting, Curry Flow 9 is your best choice. Like Curry’s magic “3-point”,  the shoe is in a sense a magic as well and may even help reverse the outcome of a match, which, I think, is beckoning and hard to refuse.

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LEBRON 19 Performance Review

From the intense publicity at the beginning to the recent release, the LEBRON 19 have earned quite a lot of attention. With great expectation I bought this LEBRON 19 which is also the fifth LEBRON shoes I’ve ever had. Since you are concerned about the details of the shoes, let’s take a closer look at it.

With regard to a shoe’s appearance, “There is a thousand Hamlet in the eyes of a thousand readers.” From my perspective, I am very delighted to have found a pair of shoes that go well with my daily dressings.

A single shoe of size 42.5 weighs up to 548 grams whereas a pair of size 43 ZK8 weighs no more than 540g. Therefore, from its bulky appearance we can also get a glimpse that the shoes won’t be lightweight. However, I think it is understandable because lightweight shoes aren’t necessarily the best choice for a player like James.

The midsole is equipped with a Zoom in the forefoot as well as an Air Max in the rear part, which at the first glance is similar to Vapormax 2.0. However, it is a pity that the air cushion in the forefoot is not installed with any reinforcement so that the outer sole deforms easily.

As for the cushion in the heel, it also deforms easily even if it is pressed simply by hand. Compared to the LBJ18’s Max270 air cushion on the rear part, the cushion of LBJ19 is much softer. Therefore, I think the setup has gone over the top and is not so suitable for a wide range of people. In other words, only a few people may be able to harness it.

Although the cushion looks nice and compelling, it is doomed to be a failure because it can’t ensure excellent stability, either.

Different from both LBJ17 and LBJ18 whose vamps are large area of Knitposite woven ones,  LBJ19 is equipped with a meshlike translucent vamp, which is relatively thin but the rigidity of which is not strong enough to offer sufficient support. Both sides of the upper are filled with two air bags around the ankle, and there is a low-top design in the inner part that is similar to that of CJ1, which indirectly improves flexibility.

Above the shoe tongue, there is also a small air bag, further enhancing the shoe’s overall wrapping. The shoe’s wrapping performance is not that terrific though, it is still sufficient and helpful to a certain extent.

As of today, I’ve wore the shoes for 20 matches, but each time its grip performance turned out to be barely satisfactory. Taking a look at its outsole, it seems to be made of lots of little bricks and its grip should be as good as it looks. However, in the wood floor test, the LBJ19’s grip performance was very mediocre. Whenever I Whenever I make an emergency stop, there will be a certain degree of deformation in the sole. And when it is compared with other shoes, say, KT7 and AG2, its grip is all the more disappointing.

Anyway, I must admit that this  LBJ19 has been improved by leaps and bounds relative to its predecessors. As for whether the shoes can gain your favor completely depends on you. After all, everyone’s physical conditions are different.


To sum up, this LEBRON 19 does contain a lot of Nike’s efforts and can be a symbol of James. Although there is still room for improvement, the shoes are actually very nice. For heavier players like James, the LEBRON 19 is more than suitable and can be a very excellent companion. But for those who weigh less, the shoes might not be the best choice.

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Unboxing: Jordan Why Not.5

Previously I had a splendid impression of Jordan Why Not.4, and with great expectation I bought this Jordan Why Not.5, hoping that this new sneaker would still be my able helper on court. Here is the brief introduction of the shoes’ setups.

Regarding a shoe’s appearance, it has always been a matter of opinion. Therefore, here I don’t want to express too much personal opinions about the appearance of this Why Not.5.

Compared with Why Not.4, this Why Not.5 is lighter, weighing about 410 grams. The shoelace system also helps make the shoes stand out because of its convenience. Besides, the design of the shoelace system further enhances the shoe’s wrapping performance. When I first wore the shoes, I felt as if I were wearing a pair of particular tight socks that fit tightly to my feet.

The material of its vamp is the sort of lightweight one commonly used in running shoes, which partly accounts for the shoe’s lightness. Actually, the material feels very comfortable and is also friendly to our skin. As is shown in the picture, there are quite a few air holes in the vamp, thus ensuring superb breathability.

In the arch there is the TPU for offering support and anti-torsion, which is common to all the Why Not shoes. The grains of the outsole and the cushion setups of the midsole are both upgraded. In terms of the outsole, it is made of relatively hard rubber, XDR, which, according Nike, can be relatively durable. But with respect to its grip performance, I don’t want to rush to a conclusion for the shoes need some more testing. As for the cushions, the front parts of the soles are installed with a large ZOOM AIR so that the wearer can feel terrific feedback on the forefoot.


In a word, Jordan Why Not.5 does have some excellent tech while its overall performance requires some more testing. If you are now considering buying this Jordan Why Not.5, just stay tuned for more performance reviews about it.


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Kyrie Infinity Performance Review

This Kyrie Infinity, so called Kyrie 8, has failed quite a few reviewers. Anyway, for those who may be considering buying this Kyrie Infinity, an objective review of the shoes is necessary and here it is.

The first impression it gave me when I held it in my hands was that its materials felt very bad and its workmanship was also mediocre. In order to make up for this, Nike adopts genuine leather from the edge of the forefoot to the upper. Compared with its predecessors, however, this Kyrie Infinity is still far from being satisfying.

Nike’s last is still there and is also superior in quality. With this, I can enjoy excellent comfortness offered by the shoes. Besides that, I found that so long as I fasten the shoelaces, the shoes can still provided me with good wrapping. But it should be made particular mention of that the wrapping in the front part remains to be improved because of the thin materials used there.


Both the inner part of the heel and the shoe tongue are padded with a lot of foam, which, as is known to many sneaker fans, won’t lead to the desired result. “The more, the better.” doesn’t apply here. Therefore, if you are in need of particular excellent wrapping, you are very likely to get disappointed at this Kyrie Infinity. But on the other hand, one of its advantages is that it can be suitable for a wide range of people with different foot shape.

In the forefoot a Zoom Strobel is used which is the same as that in GT Run, but I don’t think it has done a better job than Zoom Turbo. In the heel, there is also a Zoom, but you can barely feel it if you don’t take a closer look at it. In spite of that, “half a loaf is better than no bread.”, and it is certainly stiffer than foams, offering a relatively nice support.

I have to admit that it was beyond my wildest dreams when I found that Nike equips the shoes with an anti-torsional device in the arch. However, it just turned out that the device’s role is minimal:it is not hard enough so that it can’t offer any support in the midsole. And with the soft vamp material, the shoe’s anti-torsion performance has gone from bad to worse. Therefore, you’d better not expect too much of it. After several rounds of matches, my feet has suffered a lot.

Taking a look at its outsole, I had thought the shoe’s grip would be satisfying. However, it failed me once again. The rubber of the outsole is again rather soft and is therefore prone to deformation. When I was playing basketball yesterday, I almost slipped a couple of times, from which you can see its poor grip performance.

For its cushioning performance, you can’t expect too much of it, either. Owing to the position of the cushion in the forefoot, I didn’t get much benefit from it.

However, this Kyrie Infinity is not without advantages. A single shoe weighs about 400 grams, which is above the average level. Over and above that, its breathability, I think, can be listed as superior. Personally, I get sweaty easily on my feet, but I don’t feel stuffy in the shoes.


To sums up, this is the worst Kyrie shoes of the series. To a professional player, this Kyrie Infinity is definitely unsuitable and not qualified for high-tensity way of playing. But for daily low-intensity exercise, these shoes are more than sufficient.


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Nike KYRIE 8 Performance Review

Through protracted and unremitting efforts, KYRIE 8 is finally here to meet us. Since you are all curious about its performance before buying, then its performance review is essential and it is also here to help meet the crying needs of some sneaker fans.

In terms of the shoe box, it should be made particular mention of. On the front of the box, there is the “KYRIE” and a logo which symbolizes “infinity”. However, whether this KYRIE 8 can live up to the symbolism of the logo remains to be seen.

The shoes, as yet, have accompanied me for only two months. In spite of that, I think I’ve been very familiar with its overall performance.

As regards its vamp, there can be found some originality of the designer. In the front part, there is the engineered mesh with a particular yarn which not only enhances the shoes’ hardness, but also improves its durability to a great extent. Over and above that, another part that impresses me deeply lies in the design of shoelace holes. In recent years, many designers have been innovating in a variety of places, and the shoelace holes are no exception. In this KYRIE 8, I found that the combination of its shoelaces and lace holes is quite a successful design. At the sides of a shoe, there are respectively two pair of independent shoelace holes, which will greatly strengthen the shoes’ wrapping performance.

The padding in both the heel and the shoe tongue is also thick and sufficient, which is set to ensure enough comfortness and wrapping for the wearer. So long as you fasten your shoelaces, the padding will only give weight to the shoe’s overall wrapping performance. At the heel, there is a relatively hard counter that guarantees necessary support.


That KYRIE 8 resembles KYRIE 6 will not in the least affect my liking for KYRIE 8 because it has done a more brilliant job than its predecessor.


Take the midsole. In the front part, there is a large Zoom Strobel, ensuring that the shoes won’t fall short of cushioning which I think is not so excellent in KYRIE 6. On the other hand, however, the midsole is not equipped with any TPU for anti-torsion, so it might not be suitable for a wide range of people.

In the heel, there is also a zoom, but I don’t think it is put to good use. After wearing the shoes, it dawned on me that the cushioning at the heel is nothing more than a decoration because I could barely feel its function.

Luckily, its anti-torsional performance is not bad, which in a sense has offset the nearly “absent” heel cushioning. As you can see in the pictures, the front part of the outsole is widened, which aims to improve the shoes’ anti-torsional performance, and this has been testified in my testing the shoes.


With regard to its grip, I think it lives up to my expectation. The design at the heel looks like two suckers, thus requiring little efforts of the wearer when he needs stability. Therefore, from my perspective, KYRIE 8 is actually superior to KYRIE 6.


Picking up a pair of sneaker that is suitable for ourselves is a shot in the arm. With the above information, you might have borne some ideas about the shoes in your mind. Anyway, it is said that KYRIE 8 is likely to be Irving’s last signature shoes in Nike, and if it is the right one for you, you’d better take action now.

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Nike LeBron 19 Performance Review 

The performance review of LeBron 19 is finally here.

Personally, the appearance of LeBron 19 seems aggressive and bulky. Therefore, although the one I got here is size 45, it looks like it is size 46. Anyway, however LeBron 19 looks like, what really counts is its performance. In retrospect, my first experience with LeBron 19 was actually not bad. Although there are shortcomings, I still think its advantages outweigh the negative aspects.

When I first worn the shoes, the wrapping it offered me was exactly enough, neither too loose nor too tight. The shoes, in fact, wrapped my feet quite well and made me feel like I were wearing only a pair of socks. And inside the shoes, there is no extra room in the front part, which also accounts for its excellent wrapping. Therefore, for the shoes to provide you with the same terrific wrapping, one important factor at work is that you must pick up the right size.

In terms of the vamp, it is made of relatively soft materials and is therefore very friendly to our skin. As a matter of fact, both the material and texture of the vamp are the same as that of Adapt BB 2.0 which I am also very familiar with, but LeBron 19 is inferior to the latter in its hardness. However, this is also a mixed blessing. It is because of this that LeBron 19 can be suitable for a wide range of people.

When I looked closer at the shoes, I was delighted to find that there was a large TPU that extends from the outside of the forefoot to the inside of the arch, thus offering excellent support in the arch. In the heel of the outsole, there are also two cushions with the inner one installed with less foam. As for the cushion in the front part, it is, combined with Zoom and Max, larger than the midsole foam. With these setups, the wearer is set to have a very nice cushioning experience.

However, in spite of the advantages, LeBron 19 is not without shortcomings. Take its setup in the toe. In first round of my games, I found that it was not that flexible and excellent in startup, still less in making breakthroughs. In addition to that, its grip performance was quite poor. Even though there are many grains, you can still get disappointed at its grip even if you are running relatively rough grounds.

One disadvantage that should be made particular mention of is its comfortness. The shoe is a high-top one and its upper is made of TPU without any lining, which may even cut the skin of the wearer. Since I am living proof of this, I highly recommend that you’d better wear the shoes with relatively thick socks.

With these shortcomings, many people may frown at this LeBron 19, thinking that it is an entire failure. But it is not the case. There are seven pairs of shoelace holes with two of them attached to the fly wire. This design is sure to afford the wearer a fantastic support . And in the shoe tongues, there are also two cushions which not only enhance the shoes’ wrapping, but also make up for their comfortness. Over and above that, it is also prominent in cushioning (which is mentioned earlier), protection and stability owing to its large cushion and outsole.


To sum up, there do exist some shortcomings, but I think LeBron 19’s wrapping performance is second to none and its supporting, durability, cushioning, stability and protection can also put it at the top of the sneaker list. Therefore, from an objective point of view, LeBron 19 is not perfect. After all, you can’t have your cake and eat it, and ou must weigh the pros and cons by yourself.

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UA Curry 9 Performance Review

With the advent of Curry 9, many fans are set to get thrilled at its performance review before they buy the shoes. Hence my bringing Curry 9’s performance review today.

To begin with, let’s take a look at its appearance. The pair I’ve got here is powder blue gradient, quite a refreshing one in this drab and dull winter. Among the several colorways that were first launched, the one I got in hand is, on a personal note, the nicest and just what the doctor ordered. However, you can keep your own opinions to yourself in this aspect.

As regards its performance review which I think is what you are most concerned about, I’d like to share with you my experience with it of the past week. Compared with Curry 8, this Curry 9 is far removed from it in several respects. In terms of Curry 8, the most eye-catching is the integration of its midsole and outsole, ditching the traditional outsole design. The other compelling thing of it is its simple design, which certainly caters to the tastes of many people who are in pursuit of simplicity. Ostensibly, there aren’t distinct differences between the two versions. However, taking a loser look at Curry 9, you’ll find that the vamp of Curry 9, among other things, is somewhat eye-popping. Besides the tech adopted in the vamp, the different colorways alone are enough to offer you a glimpse of its uniqueness.

With respect to the vamp, the brand has exploited a brand-new tech, the warp vamp. About two thirds of the entire upper is knit together in different directions with both thick and thin threads, and pink and blue ones. Such a design not only adds weight to the shoes’ sense of beauty, but also enhances its performance of offering lateral support at the side.

Then take a look at the shoelaces. Although there are three kinds of shoelace holes, they are all firmly attached to the vamp, thus providing the wearer with sufficient support. On the top of the shoe tongue, there is a big chamois with a “Curry” embedded on it. Different from the vamp of Curry 8, this Curry 9 is equipped with traditional shoe tongues with exactly enough lining. With all these, the wearer can be assured that there is enough support and that his feet are firmly fastened in the shoes.

At the back of the vamp, there is a Roman numeral “Ⅸ” and the latest logo of Curry. Actually, the vamp at the heel is made of chamois, which makes the shoes very durable. On top of that, the logo of Curry and Under Armour are respectively engraved on the Flow at the heel. Looking at it from the outside, the heel of the shoe, with sufficient lining, is thick enough so that it also guarantees a comfortable wearing experience.

The outsole is still made of the Flow which has been used in Curry 8, but its grains are slightly different from that of Curry 8. Another difference lies in the shape of the midesole TPU of Curry 9, which is exposed to the air.

During the past week, Curry 9 accompanied me in at least 5 matches, and luckily it didn’t fail me. In fact, I am most satisfied with its vamp which greatly improves the shoe’s wrapping performance. Besides, with the vamp, the shoes fit tightly to my feet, which also makes it easy for me to enjoy their comfort. The most glaring shortcoming of Curry 8 is that it easily hurts my toes. When it comes to Curry 9, I had the same experience the first time I wore it, but the second time I wore it for one of my important matches, it turned out that I got quite familiar with it and it also did a tremendous job for me. Nevertheless, Curry 9 is not above criticizing. With its particularly low-lop design, I was on the verge of hurting my ankles when I first wore it. Therefore, some protection is necessary if you wanna try Curry 9. As for its support performance, it is put to test in practice and has successfully stood these relentless tests. The lateral part of the forefoot is widened so that the overall shoe is quite prominent in offering support.

Still, Curry 9 is excellent in its grip performance, which is no less outstanding than Curry 8. While I was engrossed in my matches, it was always there to offer its assistance provided that it wasn’t on smooth wooden ground. If you have experienced Curry 8, then you must have your own ideas about what kind of grounds are suitable for this Curry 9. In the midsole, there’s a big anti-torsional device, which is put to good use so that the shoe’s performance in this aspect will only stand out. Over and above that, a large cushioning device is at work, which further improves the shoe’s support.


In this fast-paced society, constant innovation is essential in almost every field. For a shoe brand to survive in the face of cruel competition, it is nigh impossible without innovating products. Therefore, for this brand’s innovation, Curry 9 is a case in point. However, despite the new changes, I think there is still room for improvement for the shoes.