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Unboxing: Jordan Why Not.5

Previously I had a splendid impression of Jordan Why Not.4, and with great expectation I bought this Jordan Why Not.5, hoping that this new sneaker would still be my able helper on court. Here is the brief introduction of the shoes’ setups.

Regarding a shoe’s appearance, it has always been a matter of opinion. Therefore, here I don’t want to express too much personal opinions about the appearance of this Why Not.5.

Compared with Why Not.4, this Why Not.5 is lighter, weighing about 410 grams. The shoelace system also helps make the shoes stand out because of its convenience. Besides, the design of the shoelace system further enhances the shoe’s wrapping performance. When I first wore the shoes, I felt as if I were wearing a pair of particular tight socks that fit tightly to my feet.

The material of its vamp is the sort of lightweight one commonly used in running shoes, which partly accounts for the shoe’s lightness. Actually, the material feels very comfortable and is also friendly to our skin. As is shown in the picture, there are quite a few air holes in the vamp, thus ensuring superb breathability.

In the arch there is the TPU for offering support and anti-torsion, which is common to all the Why Not shoes. The grains of the outsole and the cushion setups of the midsole are both upgraded. In terms of the outsole, it is made of relatively hard rubber, XDR, which, according Nike, can be relatively durable. But with respect to its grip performance, I don’t want to rush to a conclusion for the shoes need some more testing. As for the cushions, the front parts of the soles are installed with a large ZOOM AIR so that the wearer can feel terrific feedback on the forefoot.


In a word, Jordan Why Not.5 does have some excellent tech while its overall performance requires some more testing. If you are now considering buying this Jordan Why Not.5, just stay tuned for more performance reviews about it.


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