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Unboxing: Air Jordan 2 “Maison Chateau Rouge”

When referring to the Maison Chateau Rouge, a Parisian fashion brand, many Air Jordan lovers, I believe, will put on a puzzled look. Nevertheless, when it comes to the Air Jordan I mid SE Fearless “Maison Chateau Rouge” released in 2019, chances are that most of them would take a tumble and recall those days when this pair of shoes were crazily sought after.

This Paris brand commemorates the founder’s African heritage by infusing African-characterized designs and hand-stitched crafts into the shoes, which, I should say, is quite a success.

Besides the Air Jordan I mid SE Fearless “Maison Chateau Rouge”, it is terrific to know that there is actually another collaboration between the two brands, the Air Jordan 2 Maison Chateau Rouge. The new shoes were recently revealed for the first time, embodying the exotic air created by those unique African elements once again.

White is the main hue of this Air Jordan 2, and with some bright orange decorations, the shoes, as a whole, look quite pure and elegant, and are also endowed with more fashion temperament.

Although the shoes’ overall look is simple and elegant, there  still remains some classic designs of the original version. For instance, the crack patterns of the side and the tongue can still be seen in this AJ 2. Over and above that, from the leather lining and the unique pattern of the midsole we can get a glimpse of the  two brands’ sincerity.

The heel design can help identify the shoes better than any other details.

With regard to the insoles, they are also one of the highlights of this pair of shoes. In fact, they are not only eye-catching, but also quite a fantastic innovation.

Air Jordan I mid SE Fearless “Maison Chateau Rouge” is priced at ¥3500. A bit expensive though, it actually deserves that. As for this Air Jordan 2 “Maison Chateau Rouge” that will be launched this year, it is also positioned at the similar price level.

In spite of all that, many are wondering if it will be a solo show or come together with Air Jordan 1 Fearless . Anyway, whatever the result is, it is set to be electrifying for AJ fans.

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