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Air Jordan 12 “International Pack” Performance Review

As a Jordan Brand fan for many years, I always tried to cop as much excellent Jordan shoes as possible and this Air Jordan 12 also used to be one of my purchasing goals. Now that I’ve got intimate knowledge of the shoes’ performances, I think it is essential to write this performance review, hoping that it might do some help for those interested in the shoes.

In terms of its appearance, its slender shoe body, the classic asymmetrical design along with its full-foot Air Zoom are all compelling, making the shoes widely enjoyed in the sneaker circle.

For the vamp it is mainly  navy blue and white, the two colors being in harmony with each other. Simple as the colorway is, the shoes still have an outstanding look. Besides, made of suede and decorated with some specific endemic patterns, the vamp embodies the Japanese style.

In the shoe tongue there is the red iconic logo, which forms quite a contrast with the blue vamp.

Looking at it from the side, I found that it is a bit fairshaped, which quite spurs me into exercise. In the upper there are two silver buckles that is also one of the fatures of AJ 12.

Its Japanese style has been best displayed in the heel. The embroidery of the heel and Jordan’s number 23 both make the shoes very distinctive.

With regard to the shoes’ comfort which I think is of great importance, Jordan Brand has done a tremendous job. The vamp adopts the soft suede leather so as to guarantee flexibility for the wearer. Personlly speaking, without the constraint of binding of hard leather, I was rather in my element whenever I wore the shoes.

As for the shoes’ weight, a single one weighs 455g which is only mediocre.

Both the suede and the leather are not designed with air holes. Therefore, you cannot expect it to be very comfortble in summer days, not least when you are playing high-intensity exercises.

Despite the disadvantage  of the poor air permeability, the leather of the vamp, on the other hand, provides wearers with excellent support that is badly needed on courts.

The tough leather on the outside and the upward-extending outsole both offer good support and ensure stability underfoot.

This Air Jordan 12 “International Pack” belong to the middle-to-high top shoes. And with quite solid thick foam inside the heel, the shoes also impress me by its superior wrapping performance. Take my experience. While I was engrossed in playing basketball, the heel could always provided me with sufficient support whatever movements I made.

There are herringbone grains in the front and rear parts of the outsole, and with the aid of the dense lines, its grip performance is all the more improved.

The thick and wear-resistant rubber outsole can also withstand all kinds of practical tests,  and adapt all kinds of venues very well. Even if I am playing on the cement courts, I can still be relieved of the worry of wearing the outsole.

The midsole adopts the full-foot Air Zoom, which, generally speaking, is a bit stiff and not that comfortable to wear. And despite the cushion, the feedback, from my perspective, is not so obvious and nothing more than a decoration.


To sum up, this Air Jordan 12 International Pack is surprisingly crafted, with high-quality suede and leather vamp that look quite superior. The vamp also provides strong support, and the foam inside also brings a excellent wrapping. But for the cushions, they can barely meet our needs. Therefore, with  this AJ 12’s various merits and disadvantages illustrated here, you may now have clearer ideas about whether to purchase the shoes.

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