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Air Jordan 11 Performance Review

I don’t usually have a high regard for any shoe version simply because it is at the cutting edge of fashion or nice-looking. But as a sneaker enthusiast who has experienced quite a few famous shoes, I think there do exist some nearly perfect models in my shoe cabinet, among which this Air Jordan 11 is a good example.

Although I usually take good care of my shoes and value them a lot, I do think that they should be tested on courts time and again however they are priced, and this AJ 11 is no exception. Regarding the shoe’s performance, it is actually a bit controversial. Many may be wondering “Whether it can live up to its being an AJ model?”, or “Can it stand the test of both time and actual outdoor play?” So in this article lies the answer and I am gonna talk about the performances of this AJ 11 for your reference, attaching my rating of its various respects.

  1. Appearance: 9/10

Upon opening the shoe box, I was delighted to find that the shoes look nicer in real life than in photos, and I always thought so since then. But, buddy, this is a merely a matter of opinion, and you may keep your own viewpoints about the shoes’ appearance. After all, one friend of mine would rather pay 10 times the price of this AJ 11 to buy other shoes than buy this AJ model, and he even kept calling it ugly.

For the details of the shoes, the metallic logo of the heel is a highlight, and the real leather upper makes the whole pair of shoes much more delicate. You may also have found that the patent-leather in the vamp is a little different from those of the usual ones, but much like a layer of thick plastic. As for its durability, I will make particular mention of it later.

2. Cushion: 7.5/10

I never like to wear indoor shoes for commuting or for strolling casually, and this time I even directly walked to the indoor wooden court with my new AJ 11 still unpacked. Without some time getting along with the shoes, it was natural that I felt unaccustomed in them.


At the beginning, it was inevitable to feel stiffness underfoot, but after a period of time, I seemed to get the hang of it and was able to feel the feedback of the rear cushion obviously. In fact, if you’ve played in AJ shoes before, this kind of cushion should be nothing new for you. Despite that, I have to admit that the Air Sole, together with the shoe’s wrapping, has a nice cushioning effect, which is no exaggeration.

3.Wrapping: 9/10

Before purchasing this AJ 11, I had doubted whether it would satiate my needs cause’ the vamp looked a bit too thin to offer solid support and to keep warm in this freezing cold winter. But, man,  you know what? After the first round of play in it, I surprisingly found that the inner lining of the shoes was super comfortable, and coupled with the excellent vamp support (although it seems not so thick) and the shoelaces, my feet were tightly fixed inside the shoes.

Therefore, my worry turned out to be nonsense, and it is no wonder that the brand chose to release the shoes in winter for many of you will get infatuated with its comfortable wrapping just as I do.

4. Traction: 8.5/10

Most of time I was only able to play in outdoor courts, so I had thought “can it stand the test of high-intensity play and the rough courts?” Also with that comes my concerns about its durability and effectiveness. But, now that I’ve played in the shoes for 6 months+, I was again relieved of those worries.

Like the outsoles of other AJ 11, that of this one is dandy. In last time’s play, I made some breakthroughs at the beginning. In the second half of the play, however,I almost couldn’t keep a wary eye on the court as my physical power gradually declines and so I didn’t make emergency stops or startup. But recalling the past experiences, I deem that this traction of AJ 11 is still good in startup and stops.

Although I don’t very much like low-top models, my AJ 11 is an exception cause’ its traction has made up for this. I don’t know much about the details of its outsole material, but I do know that the outsole bite aggressively so that it seems it can let you fall down if you suddenly halt at a high pace.

5. Breathability: 4/10

As it is a pair of sneaker, any scores over 4 might be too much and inconsistent with the actual situation. The real leather and fur-like materials of the vamp, as you can expect, won’t be breathable, and with the tongue that is even leather-made, you may feel like wearing a pair of cotton-padded shoes. So, once again, it is wise of the brand to release the shoes in winter.

6.Durability: 7/10

So far the shoes are holding up well, which is even beyond my wildest dreams. But without any wear and tear after 6months+ play is nigh impossible. In the forefoot, not least the high-use areas, there are conspicuous damages. Besides that, the Jordan logo of the insoles have also fade away. After all, I often play high-intensity plays on the rough outdoor courts and so the damages have been expected.

But, man, you are sure to get surprised by finding that the outsole has remained in a relatively intact state and may probably outlive other setups of the shoes. Although it is the crystal one, it feels hard and is wear-resisting enough. For the patent leather, as I have said, it is different from the usual ones. There is also a transparent rubber covering on the leather, making it much more durable than the average leather.


This AJ 11 is mad comfortable though there do exist some problems, but luckily for me, I am not in the least affected by them. So does it live up to its reputation or its being an AJ model? Depending on what you expect of it, the answers may vary greatly.


Nevertheless, I think it is a near-perfect model for me who play as an advance guard, though I am not sure how long it will last. But judging from my past 6 months play, you can also take them outdoors for rough court play. While I am not able to reach every aspect of the shoes’ performances, I’ll stop here and leave it for you to decide if it is the suitable one for you.

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