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Air Jordan 33 Performance Review

Ever since the official released the Air Jordan 33, it has got a lot of attention. With its brand new technologies and various colorways available,  it has become one of the most tantalizing models for many sneaker enthusiasts. There are subversive modeling design and innovative FastFit system in the shoes. So how does it feel in them? What about their actual performances and how do they fit? Is it a versatile model or in the nature of the minority’s option only?

Now that I’ve got one pair and played in them for 4 months, let’s waste no time and dive right into the details. Here is my comprehensive review of Air Jordan 33 that may help answer your burning questions and in which I’ll break it down from the fullest possible perspectives.


Guide for wearing the shoes

Well, I know you may get bewildered that why should I talk about the guide for wearing the shoes, but this may be needed for some people. yes! I truly meant what I said because some may haven’t seen such innovative designs in a shoe before. So how to wear the shoes on earth and how to use the FastFit system ?

Step one: With the oversized mouth and the super soft space cotton, you just need to slip your feet into it.

Step two: Tighten the velcro on the inside of the sneaker to make the mouth fit better and lock your heel into the sneaker.

Step three: Adjust the FastFit system. By pulling the red strap you’ll hear the lovely clicking sound, and every time you hear the “click”, the vamp will get far more tightened as you’ve hung up a gear.



Personally speaking, I am not a wide footer and I tend to go up 1/2 a size myself for I usually wear two pairs of thick socks when hooping and shooting on outdoor courts. Nevertheless, I do think that the majority of people can go with their regular size when considering the AJ 33. But for wide footers, it is still recommended to go up 1/2 a size just as I do in case there should be any irritating toe bumps or rubbing.

After all, although this is an AJ shoe, it is not exclusive to the minority of people but suitable for the regular consumers. Like many other signature shoes, the brand must take into consideration both the needs of actual players and consumers. So for regular and narrow footers, the regular sizes should be fine, and for wide footers, stepping 1/2 size up should be suitable and comfortable.

2. Wrapping

As of today, I haven’t any complaints with regard to the shoes’ wrapping. This is certainly one of the shoes with the best wrapping I’ve ever worn. With this wrapping, I am in my element and you’ll feel so in them likewise.

Then how well does it work? I’ve mentioned earlier that the shoe has quite a unique and innovative modeling design. It is because of this that the shoe is capable of providing us with good wrapping. But do you remember the FastFit system? Well, you guessed it! With the tech, its wrapping is therefore further improved to a wonderful level. Let’s put it this way: without the FastFit, the wrapping is good in the first place; then with the tech, it does wonders for the wrapping so that you’ll feel like wearing a pair of tight socks and you barely need to stop for adjusting during the whole plays .

Nonetheless, after exercising for a period of time, you’ll feel a bit uncomfortable underfoot because the vamp is simply too tight. It is not the wrapping that is to blame, but this is quite a normal phenomenon. Under the circumstance all you need to do is to adjust the wrapping to a comfortable state by pulling the black and yellow strap.


The feelings in the shoes is one of the main concerns of most people. Besides that, can it offer the essential impact protection? Is it stable enough? What about the energy return or feedback from the cushion?

In the forefoot there’s a large zoom cushion and in the rear a hexagonal super thick Zoom air cushion. Sounds like a super hardcore setup on paper, right?

Well, when I first put them on, I could only feel the obvious bounce from the cushions. But when I got used to them , after around 30m’s warm-up, things got different. Everything seemed to start off quite smooth and then I was able to make the most of the zooms. Whether you are a speed-oriented guard or a powerful forward, you are most likely to get infatuated with its strong energy return and the propulsion forward.

In terms of my experiences, with the zooms in the AJ 33, every time I seemed to punch above my weight on court. So simply put, the cushion is a stellar job.

4. Traction

Can the brand new grains of the outsole bring good traction? Like many of you, I had the same worry before I actually played in them. Here is the answer to the question.

The AJ33’s outsole actually bites aggressively and offers enough security. On outdoor concrete courts, the traction is fine, though not the best. The edge of the outsole extends upward and the toe is partly covered by the outsole rubber, which not only enhances wrapping but also strengthens the stability and anti-rollover of the toe. So it offers you enough security when you are moving in all directions.

If you’ve ever experienced AJ 28, you must have been impressed by its super nice forefoot performance. Good news is that the AJ 33 will bring you the same enjoyable experience. The Flight Speed tech with the Zoom VaporFly 4% together increases the responsive speed of the forefoot.


Get ready to accept the AJ 33’s weight if you’ve decided to pick it. The Air Jordan 33 weighs almost as much as the Air Jordan 32, and if you’re looking for ultra-lightweight sneakers, the Air Jordan 33 will definitely fall short of what you expect.


According to the feedback from consumers, the durability is a bit controversial. Some said that theirs just wore out very quick and everytime they played in them, there were deformation or damage in the toe or te outsole. Others observed that their  remained relatively intact though there did exist some damage in the high-use areas.

Regarding this phenomenon, I think it has something to do with the personal way of playing. At first, I had guessed that the outsle and the toe might wear out first while the vamp would be as good as it initially was. However, my conjecture has been quite off the mark. After several months of play on both indoor and outdoor courts, mainly the latter ones, my AJ 33 has, compared with those consumers, remained relatively good, though damages are inevitable. So, in a word, I’m very satisfied with the way it has behaved.

Other colorways available:

Over and above the Air Jordan 33 “Tech Pack”, there are also Air Jordan 33 “Future Flight”, Air Jordan 33 “Blackout”and the Air Jordan 33 “Jade”. But bear in mind that the last one is exclusively available in China.


Is AJ 33 versatile and suitable for everyone? Is it a good deal and does it deserve the price? Well, so far I still regard it as a good model, if not a perfect or an ideal one. AJ 33 is not versatile, nor is it suitable for everyone, but, objectively speaking, it is a good deal and definitely deserves the price.

The shoe takes wrapping, cushion and traction to another level, but there’s still room for improvement. As I said earlier, the shoe is a bit heavy, and is therefore not a good one if you are seeking lightweight models. Nevertheless, I don’t think its advantages can be blotted out simply because of its being relatively heavy.

Anyway, if you’ve always liked AJ shoes, you are still likely to love it and find it wonderful. After all, it is overall excellent and its little defects cannot belittle its virtues. Last but not the least, the price is not a bad one for an AJ sneaker and the tech it offers. So with my comprehensive review here, you can decide if it is your thing.

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