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Nike Zoom Kobe 6 FTB Performance Review

To tell the truth, I have been a fan of JR for many years. So at the very beginning, I’ve picked the ZK4 which had companied me for many important moments in my life. And it was natural then that I also bought some other versions of the series. But in the previous several months, there were hit discussions about the retro version of ZK6. Although my feelings about the ZK6  and experiences with it have faded from my memory, I am still eager to share with you a brief review with regard to this ZK6 FTB and hopefully it might be a little helpful for you . And it is here then.

To begin with, I want to talk about the shoes’ wrapping. Actually, I’ve bought the shoes for some time and the first impression it left me was its wrapping performance that was indeed very nice and was even much better than did ZK4 and ZK5. The nice wrapping made me feel like I was just wearing a pair of socks instead of shoes. Therefore, I wore the shoes out for my match and it turned out that the shoes were really a great help during the whole game. It not only fixed me feet well , but also provided me with sufficient traction. Without it, I wouldn’t have performed that nice on court.

However, the fact is that I found the shoes not so satisfying as it did in my match.  I again chose the shoes for my training, but I felt a bit spacious inside the shoes, which was quite different from my first experience with it. And then in the later training, I found some deformation in the vamp and  the reason behind it was the poor  vamp durability. So I think the shoes have to some extent failed me.

The second point about the shoes is the cushioning. In terms of the cushioning of ZK6, it can be said to be superior.  But the problem is however good it is, I don’t think it suit me quite well. Nonetheless, this Nike Zoom Kobe 6 FTB is just the right one. There are separate front and rear cushions whereas the front one is super elastic. They are not in the least too hard or too soft. Therefore, the cushion for me is quite nice and the feedback it offers me is also very obvious. But maybe it is because I am a bit heavy and for those who are relatively light, they may feel the cushion not so prominent.

Then it’s about the anti-slipping and anti-rollover performances. Actually, from my perspective, both performances of the shoes can be listed in the first class. There is also a saying that the anti-slipping and anti-rollover performances of Nike are absolutely the first in this field. In short, these two respects are sure to leave you a nice impression.

But of course there are some shortcomings. Firstly, the shoelace is to  some extent a decoration for it does not in the least improve the shoe’s wrapping. And however tight your laces are, they will loosen in a short time. Secondly, it’s about the insoles. The insoles of this Nike Zoom Kobe 6 FTB are very thin and I sometimes even slipped because of the insoles.


To sum up, I am actually a bit disappointed at this Nike Zoom Kobe 6 FTB which is not as excellent as NXT360. However, since I am using it for daily training and exercises, I think one pair of  Nike Zoom Kobe 6 FTB is enough.  And if you are interested in some of its performances, you can also have a try.