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A Close Look at Nike Kyrie Low3

Here is the Nike Kyrie Low3: the size of this one I got here  is US9 EUR42.5 and a single shoe weighs 388g. And for wide-footers, they are  recommended to buy a bigger size.

In terms of the shoebox, honestly, I was quite pleased with it. The Kyrie Low3 shoeboxes are still of a high standard and they are even better than that of many signature shoes. The box features red which is very eye-catching. And in the front side is the large Irving logo as well as the “NIKE BASKETBALL” and a big all-seeing eye logo, making it very symbolic of Irving’s personal style.

And in the rear side of the box are several geometric patterns while at the lateral side there isn’t an “EP”. Then upon trying it on, I found that the Low3 is relatively slim in its shoe type, so it should be reminded again that if people with wide feet are interested in this Low3, then they’d better take a try and find their most suitable size before buying.

The shoe type of this one is actually distinguishing that forms a stark contrast to other shoes. The vamp of this Kyrie Low3 is roughly divided into two parts by the Velcro of the midsole with the front part woven in 2 colors of threads that feel very delicate and nice.

At the outer side of the toe part, there is semi-arc rubber reinforcement. And there are totally 5 sets of shoelace buckles, the front two sets of which exposed, the back three hidden under the vamp. It can be guaranteed that as a pair of low-top shoes, this setup of Low3 is enough.

The biggest difference between Kyrie Low2 and Kyrie Low3 is that there is no Velcro in the former model. And in the personal level, this design would be a bit more help for me in providing vamp support.

The Velcro extends from the inner side to the outer side of the midsole and provides the same torsion resistance as do the same setup in Irving 6.

The logo here I think is very stylish and design-oriented.

Seeing the outsole, I felt it very familiar because it resembles quite a lot to that of Kyrie Low2.

Although my experience with Kyrie Low2 was actually very nice, I am still expecting some more differences in this Low3.

In short, its overall performances remain testing and I hope it can offer us more different experiences.