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A Close Look at Nike KYRIE 7

Kyrie Irving’s seventh signature shoes are finally here. The size of this one I got here is US9 EUR42.5 and a single shoe of this pair is 369g.

I’m sure many of you’ve seen a lot of information about this pair of KYRIE 7 over the past few days, but there’s a lot of difference between this one and what you might expect from the “clunky, uncreative” Kyrie 7.

With classic black and red and a few iconic logos  ,the Kyrie 7 shoebox is a bit more understated than the flashy Irving 6 shoebox. But chances are that you might think that it is just so-so, not surprising, nor creative, either. Then you are deceived.

Upon opening the box, you might feel a bit breathtaking at seeing the picture below. So the shoebox is quite meaningful: it is like Irving who is about to enter his 10th year of career.  Even if he’s crazy inside, he’s getting sedate outside.

The most prominent feature of the vamp is that the two sets of shoelace buckles in the forefoot  can not only adjust the space inside the shoes, but also provides outstanding wrapping.

Looking back at the previous versions, you’ll find that Kyrie 7 is on track to be the lightest Irving shoe in history, which should be credited to its vamp. Although the vamp looks average and is made of common mesh, we can see through the designer’s manuscript that it is composed of three layers of composite mesh, which guarantees intensity and durability.

According to the shoe’s designer Ben, the grip is one of their favorite parts of the shoes. The pattern of the 7th version imitated many small-blade patterns from the 5th and 6th version. And with some other elements, the brand new outsole is here.

Placed at the lower end of the tongue and the inside of the midsole is the all-seeing eye and in the midsole  is the familiar Air Zoom Turbo. It’s safe to say that you will know it’s a Irving style shoe the moment you see these setups.

If asked what’s the most impressive feature of Irving signature shoes, of course, I’d say it is the dazzling array of colorways . Though the colorways of this pair have decreased greatly in number, the quality is still online.

The Special FX, indicating Irving’s love of filmmaking and integrating his imagination to life.

The Expressions, originating from Irving’s love for art and artistic expression which endows the creator with the courage to be himself/herself.

The Icons of Sport, paying tribute to the heroes, mentors and inspirations.

The Soundwave, a tribute to Irving’s love of music and how this colorway affected his performance on court.

The Sisterhood, expressing Irving’s support for and respect for female players.

Overall, for me, it doesn’t matter if Irving series can live up to Kobe series simply because I can’t swallow my affection for KYRIE 7. As for its performance, I will tell you through my experience later.