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Nike Free RN Motion Flyknit Performance Review

It was an ordinary day but it was destined to be a marvellous day. On that day, I just got up and went to work as usual, and it was not until the afternoon when I received the Nike Free RN Motion Flyknit, which has not been launched at that time, that the day became extraordinary.

As a matter of fact, running shoes are to runners what guitars are to some musicians who are always expecting to create beautiful melodies. From my perspective, new equipment is the incentive for me to stick by running. However, it also occurs at times that a pair of new running shoes rubs my feet severely that it might slow my pace of running. Therefore, it is of great importance to get the hang of the shoes first before running with the shoes. But still, I am looking forward to wearing new shoes and this Nike Free RN Motion Flyknit is the one that I want to try recently.

In terms of the shoebox, it is the most ordinary one of Nike. It seems that Nike is hoping to leave more surprises for people as soon as they open the boxes so that Nike adopts the orange shoebox in almost all of its running shoes.

Just like the charming smell of cheese when opening a pizza box, the smell of rubber is the most charming when I opened the shoebox. For the shoes’ appearance, the combination of blue, purple, white and black is very nice and eye-catching and make up a pair of visually perfect running shoes.

When it comes to the vamp, it is the flyknit tech that I take a liking to and I have to say that the Flyknit is the best vamp tech among all the vamp technologies. The main feature of this  technology is the double-sided textile structure, which is excellent in wrapping and protection. And the welt is designed like that of a sock, which is also a brilliance of the shoes. But what is even better of the design is that it can create a unique protection performance according to the different characteristics of each person’s ankles.

As we all know, many running shoes will advertise greatly of their outsoles and midsoles which are said to offer the optimal comfort and cushioning. And Nike is outstanding in this respect. Both the external and built-in air cushions and the soft materials are to increase cushioning performance of the shoes. Besides, the shoes are said to have adopted a brand-new tech without using any glue. With this tech, the soles are not only appealing in its appearance, but also in its softness.

To tell the truth, when I saw the descriptions of the outsole online, the first thing that came to my mind was the Puma Mobium. The design of the outsole can offer us the immediate feedback and flexibility. In other words, each time you land,  the outsole will respond to you, which is the most surprising thing about the new Free.

Looking at the picture above, you might be as shocked as I did. The softness of the sole is really amazing that it can be bent to such an extent. And thanks to the softness, it can be used to protect runners and to keep their way of running whether they are used to landing first on the front foot or the heel.

With respect to the insole, it is still the material widely used by Nike whose softness and comfort can be said to be on top of the field.

After getting the shoes, the first thing I wanted to do was to wear the shoes out and to run to my heart’s content. But unluckily, it had been raining the whole day so that I had to test the shoes indoors for the first time.

At first, during the process of running, it turned out that I felt like I was running barefoot and there was not in the least any discomfort. And when I had run 5 kilometers, the shoes were just still quite friendly to me.

However, I have to mention that although the shoes feel like a pair of socks, you’d better wear socks or you’ll feel very uncomfortable.


The Nike Free RN Motion Flyknit is overall satisfying for me after some indoor and outdoor tests. In the actual tests, I could feel the brand-new techs and the protection performance, which is mostly criticized, has also been improved. But not to put too fine a point on it, there is still great room for improving its protection performance. But notwithstanding that, this Nike Free RN Motion Flyknit is the best running shoe I’ve bought in recent years.