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A Close Look at Nike Ambassador 13

Accidentally,  I was able to pick a pair of Nike Ambassador 13 and I am so thrilled that I can’t wait to give you a brief  introduction of it. Below are some basic details of this Nike Ambassador 13 I got here: the size of this one is US9 EUR42.5 and a single shoe weighs 404g, and the sizes are available for most people.

I have asked one of my friends that “what do you think of the colorway of this Ambassador 13?” And he said what was on my mind that the colorway was rather superior. On the personal level, I like Ambassador 13’s appearance very much, including its streamlined body. But when I got it and looked at it carefully for a long time, I found that it looked a bit like Freak 2. And the streamlined shoe body and the separated outsole make the two all the more similar.

The vamp is made from the one-piece hard woven material with a mesh reinforcement in the toe part and there is a large gold-patterned “Nike swoosh” on the outside.

As a low-top sneaker, there are 6 sets of shoelace buckles, which is a conventional design. Meanwhile, there is additional reinforcement around the shoelace buckles while the gold Nike swoosh on the tongue serves as a decoration. But for me, I like the fringe that hangs in the lace most which is really chic.

In the heel, the lining is quite thick and there is also a leather that not only improves the texture, but also increases the heel wrapping.

The TPU that extends from the midsole to the heel is also prominent. As is known that the biggest hidden threat of such separated design is that the hallow part in the arch will result in insufficient support as a whole. However, you’ll never come across such threat if you pick this Ambassador 13. In addition, the design also greatly increases the unity of the shoes.

As for the biggest disadvantage, I think you might have known. The midsole is equipped with full foot CUSHION + rear ZOOM AIR. The iconic front and rear separated Zoom Air has been reduced this time.

Finally, with respect to the outsole, it is made of a very thick rubber, the front part of which patterned with zoned triangles and large herringbone and the rear patterned with grid lines. There is also a big 13 in the front, and the center of the rear part is hallowed, clearly showing you that there is a cushion.

Overall, I like its colorway and style very much and I even think that maybe it would be one of the James shoes that could be perfect for a guard.