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New Balance FuelCell Rebel V2 Performance Review

Most of runners are familiar with New Balance FuelCell Rebel running shoes. The first FuelCell Rebel series running shoes are released in 2019.

The shoebox is still red and printed with white NB logo.


The main colorway is yellow and white.

Let’s have a look at the lateral viewing angle of vamp. The vamp is made of yellow and white tulle. The side vamp is decorated with blue N logo. It can increase the stability of vamp.

The inboard of vamp, the rear part also has a blue N logo.

The viewing angle of shoe head has asymmetrical crashworthy design which is mainly on the position of toes. The crashworthy shoe head has NB logo.

The viewing angle of heelpiece, the middle heelpiece is decorated with a red line. The heelpiece has built-in TPU to increase the strength.

The outsole is made of three different materials and it’s divided into 4 parts.

There is a piece of black U shape rubber plate which covers the periphery of forefoot sole improves the abrasive resistance. The pattern is twill weave with triangular groove design. The middle forefoot sole is yellow rubber plate. The pattern is triangle embossing patter, twill weave and triangle hollow-out. We can see the white foam of insole from the hollow-out design, it offers the abrasive resistance and traction performance.

The inner side and outer side of arch have anti-skidding modules.

The outboard part of arch insole has obvious raised design. It’s different with the arch design of traditional running shoes.

This kind of design can offer a good protection to the foot when running. It improves the resilience of the shoes.

The density of heelpiece rubber outsole is high, the stiffiness is also the strongest. The pattern is still diagonal strip and sunk triangle combination. The outboard area is big, it can offer better abrasive resistance.

The insole uses transparent white foam design. That is FuelCell technology.

The FuelCell technology was developed by New Balance Innovation Design Studio. As the official declared, it has the strongest propulsion and energy feedback. New Balance released the first pair of running shoes with FuelCell technology in 2017.

The outboard of insole has a piece of laser plate which has ‘new balance’ and the series ‘FUELCELL’.

Let’s have a look at the vamp, the vamp is made of integrated knitted mesh fabric.The fitness, appearance and air permeability is good.

The shoelaces position is reinforced by hot-melting coating. The shoelaces holes are flat type. Both of the appearance and anti-skid resistance have been improved.

The shape of shoe tongue is designed according to the foot type. It’s thin and ventilated.

The suture line is good.

The shoe-pad uses classic double layers design. The upper layer fabric is anti-skidding and the bottom layer foam has cushion performance.

The inner side of shoe head is added with a piece of cambered cushioning lining. It’s comfortable after wearing.


  1. As a pair of light running shoes which uses the NB core cushioning technology FuelCell. It’s comfortable.
  2. Appearance: The yellow and white colorway is suitable for wearing in Summer. The appearance is nice. The thin mesh fabric vamp has good air permeability.
  3. The cost performance is good.
  4. It has good anti-skidding performance. I used to run after raining, the anti-skid resistance is good.
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