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ASICS Invade Nova Performance Review

When speaking of ASICS Invade Nova basketball shoes, I will remember Nova Surge. ASICS Invade Nova and Nova Surge are similar. They use the same insole and outsole. But the material of vamp is different. What about the configuration of Invade Nova? Let’s have a look at its performance.

The advantages of Asics Invade Nova basketball shoes
Fitness: After wearing Invade Nova and fastening the shoelaces, the fitness is tight.  The Velcro design also improves the fitness.If you are wide foot or high instep, it maybe tight for you. Comparing with Nova Surge, the fitness of Invade Nova is better.

Cushion Performance: The insole of Invade Nova is FlyteFoam insole and gel on rear sole. Although it uses three layers of insole, but it doesn’t have obvious cushion performance. Its location should be interior line shoes. The cushion performance of forefoot sole is also good. It won’t be too soft to affect the starting speed.

Supporting Performance: The upper of mid-high Invade Nova has two pieces of small ‘wings’ which surround the whole heelpiece. It can also protect the ankle well, but it won’t limit the movement of heelpiece. And the material around the heelpiece is soft.

Traction Performance: The outsole is grey and white. The traction performance of most of ASICS basketball shoes is always stable and great. It’s still a reliable outsole.

Abrasive Resistance: After playing basketball on indoor court about 4 times,the sole has small abrasion. It’s not very serious. But the outsole pattern of Nova Surge is shallow than Gelburst and Gelhoop series shoes. So the abrasive resistance should be worse.
The disadvantages of Asics Invade Nova basketball shoes
The fitness of Invade Nova is better than Nova Surge. Its material is also thicker. So it’s a little stuffy when playing basketball. But it’s a small sacrifice comparing its excellent fitness and supporting performance. It’s worthy.
BTW, it’s also a little heavy. As a defender, I can also wear Invade Nova to play, but personally I prefer to Gelburst 24 Low and Gelvoop V13. But I recommend Gelvoop V13 to the players who need good protection.
Size: The shoe tree is a little narrow. I suggest to purchase half size bigger than normal size. You can have a try on physical store before purchasing online.

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