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Jordan Zion 1 Performance Review

Zion Williamson has his first pair of signature shoes after signing with Air Jordan not more than 2 years. Many guys should have purchased the Jordan Zion 1. Which position is suitable for it? We want to share the performance review of Jordan Zion 1 with you today.

The colorway that we share today is the white and black one. The designing inspiration uses Z as the kernel to work in concert with Zion’s name and combining with his favorite super hero’s armour.

The vamp is divided into two parts by ‘Z’. There is a big area of hot-melting material to cover the rear side of shoes.

The shoe head has hiding locking lace up under the mesh fabric. It can improve the fitness and locking performance.

The shoe head and shoe tongue is decorated with gold Jumpman logo and Zion logo.

The inner sleeve is printed with ZION. And the shoe heel also has gold ZION logo.

The outsole is conventional herringbone pattern which has good traction performance. It uses big area of semi-transparent rubber on the outsole. It’s more suitable to play on the indoor court.

The first feeling after wearing Jordan Zion 1 is the light weight. It’s a big surprise. The insole uses full-length Air Sole and forefoot Zoom Air cushion configuration. The feedback is good. The insole has built-in stabilizing plate. The stabilizity and anti-torsion performance can be guaranteed.

Which position is Jordan Zion 1 suitable to?

The shoe design is normal, it’s suitable for the players of every position. The GEN Zion is the first released colorway. It also has ZNA,Noah and Marion colorways. The feedback of forefoot sole is good. But the cushion performance is not good enough for the Zion who is the powerful player.
The size of Jordan Zion 1 is standard. You can choose the normal size.

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