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Jordan Zion 1 Performance Review

Zion Williamson has his first pair of signature shoes after signing with Air Jordan not more than 2 years. Many guys should have purchased the Jordan Zion 1. Which position is suitable for it? We want to share the performance review of Jordan Zion 1 with you today.

The colorway that we share today is the white and black one. The designing inspiration uses Z as the kernel to work in concert with Zion’s name and combining with his favorite super hero’s armour.

The vamp is divided into two parts by ‘Z’. There is a big area of hot-melting material to cover the rear side of shoes.

The shoe head has hiding locking lace up under the mesh fabric. It can improve the fitness and locking performance.

The shoe head and shoe tongue is decorated with gold Jumpman logo and Zion logo.

The inner sleeve is printed with ZION. And the shoe heel also has gold ZION logo.

The outsole is conventional herringbone pattern which has good traction performance. It uses big area of semi-transparent rubber on the outsole. It’s more suitable to play on the indoor court.

The first feeling after wearing Jordan Zion 1 is the light weight. It’s a big surprise. The insole uses full-length Air Sole and forefoot Zoom Air cushion configuration. The feedback is good. The insole has built-in stabilizing plate. The stabilizity and anti-torsion performance can be guaranteed.

Which position is Jordan Zion 1 suitable to?

The shoe design is normal, it’s suitable for the players of every position. The GEN Zion is the first released colorway. It also has ZNA,Noah and Marion colorways. The feedback of forefoot sole is good. But the cushion performance is not good enough for the Zion who is the powerful player.
The size of Jordan Zion 1 is standard. You can choose the normal size.

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Deconstructed Jordan Zion 1

Jordan Zion 1 has been released for more than one month. Recently, the manuscripts and configuration of Jordan Zion 1 has been publicly disclosed. As the first pair of basketball shoes of the most potential basketball players of AJ brand, what about its configuration?

Jordan Zion 1 uses Air Sole Stobel with Zoom Air and anti-torqued plate combination. The Air Sole Strobel cushion is similar to insole fabric. It’s also used on PG4 and PG5. It’s soft, but the cushion performance is not good enough.

There is a piece of Zoom Air cushion on the forefoot sole, but this piece of Zoom Air cushion is small. With the TPU plate on the midsole, this configuration is the same as Kyrie 1. It maybe enough for the defenders like Kyrie. But Zion is a power type frontline, even if it adds a layer of Air Sold Strobel cushion, but I still think that the cushion performance is not good enough for Zion.

On the manuscripts, the forefoot Zoom air cushion should be oval type. But it’s changed to small rectangle type Zoom air cushion. It may consider the cost, so NIKE changes the Zoom type. I’m disappointed at it.

The vamp is made of mesh fabric, hot-melting and articulated type shoe tongue. The forefoot vamp has a fixing lace up. The padding of vamp is not thick.

The outsole uses conventional herringbone pattern. As you know, the traction performance of herringbone pattern is good.


In the begining, the designer has confirmed to use Z as the core designing concepts. The reinforced design on the shoe head is asymmetric design. The design of shoe tongue is interesting. I think that it may refer to the air pocket design of LBJ18.

The insole is separated forefoot sole and rear sole. The position of forefoot sole has pattern and it has flyman logo. The position of midsole should have a exposed TPU plate design, but it hasn’t been showed on the manuscript.

We can see the configuration of Jordan Zion 1 clearly from the deconstructed picture of insole. The insole uses full-length Air Sole Strobel, and the forefoot sole has a piece of small Zoom air cushion, and there is a layer of insole material under the Zoom air cushion. It looks not thick. The outer layer is the rubber of outsole.

But the manuscript is different. The forefoot Zoom air cushion type has been changed.

The designer of Jordan Zion 1 is Vianney De Montgolfier who comes from France. He used to design the football shoes such as Tiempo Legend 6. He also uses similar design on Zion 1, such as the fitting system of forefoot and the design of shoe tongue etc.

Overall, there are not many lightspots on the manuscripts. The design of Jordan Zion 1 is not bad, but the configuration is not good enough. It’s on the middle level. The location of Zion 1 is higher than PG series. So the price will be higher than PG series.