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Deconstructed of the NIKE COSMIC UNITY EP

Here is the disassembling of the NIKE COSMIC UNITY EP. I am sure that its avant-garde and outstanding appearance has attracted lots of attention and many of you are curious about its structure. So just take a look at the photos here which might give you the answer you want.

Cutting the left shoe open in the middle, we can see clearly its construction.

And then from the A-A section, we can also see the full-foot ZOOM STROBEL air cushion, the midsole as well as the midsole stabilizer.

The picture below shows us the dismantled vamp. By separating the vamp and the midsole of the right shoe, I found that the vamp was reinforced with recycled yarn in such a way that resembles the warp and weft quite a lot.

In the middle layer of the vamp, which is right below the mesh layer,  is made of multicoloured foam and environmentally friendly recycled materials.

And the inside of the vamp is also covered with stitches to enhance the toughness of the vamp and to reduce the deformation caused by movement.

At the heel profile, it is clearly shown that the heel under the multicoloured vamp is filled with thick foam which is very comfortable and helps greatly for wrapping. Besides, with the oversized upturned midsole at the heel, the shoes will only amaze you by its stable support.

With respect to the insole, it is also made of partially recycled material. And the heel of the midsole is upturned.

The ZOOM STROBEL air cushion is placed directly above the midsole with its sides sewn with the vamp, almost covering the entire midsole.

The raised outline in the middle of the ZOOM STROBEL air cushion interplays with the grooves of the insole for a better fit.

For this pair of shoes whose size is 42.5, its air cushion is about 277 mm long, 87.46mm wide in the front foot, and 56.98mm in the heel.

In addition, it is about 8.27mm thick in the front foot and 7.83mm in the heel.

Here are the same ZOOM STROBEL air cushions used in different shoes. On the left side is the Cosmic Unity and on the right is the KD 13. And I am sure some of you might have been very familiar with the two.

The transparent midsole TPU stabilizer extends from the arch of the foot to the heel to improve midsole stability.


Here are also some data of the TPU stabilizer. Length:160mm; width in the arch: 47.38mm; width in the heel: 39.84mm; thickness: 2.62mm.

The forefoot (midsole + outsole) is about 18.18 mm thick and the heel (midsole + outsole) is about 23.70 mm thick.


As a pair of basketball shoes, COSMIC UNITY EP has got rid of the heaviness in the last two years and instead, it brings more stability. In addition, this is Nike’s first application of recycled materials in its basketball shoes, which is a major breakthrough in the material innovation of basketball shoes. And hopefully, we can see more innovations in the near future.

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