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Adidas ULTRABOOST 21 Performance Review

I found that many runners wear the Adidas ULTRABOOST 21 to run recently. And many people are expecting this model after releasing.

As a marathon enthusiast, I concern the technology and practicability of running shoes. Let’s have a look at the insole of Ultraboost 21. The boost material is made of TPU foam. When foaming, the volume is bigger, it becomes lighter and elastic.The foaming Boost particles are white.

The characteristics of BOOST is soft, light and elastic. After squeezing, it can recover to be swelling fastly and offer great cushioning effect.

Moreover, it doesn’t need time to break-in Boost insole. It’s comfortable. According to the testing data, the performance of Boost won’t be effected by the temperature.

ULTRABOOST 21 adds 6% Boost more than ULTRABOOST 20. So the insole of ULTRABOOST 21 is thicker.

The shoe heel of ULTRABOOST 21 is widened and thickened. For most of runners, the cushion performance is better and it’s more stable. The drop height of running shoes is about 8mm. But the drop height of ULTRABOOST 21 forefoot sole and rear sole is 10mm. This drop height is more convenient for runners to run faster.

What’s the disadvantages of Boost? ULTRABOOST 21 uses LEP (Linear Energy Push) system in Boost. It’s the brand-new technology of Adidas. LEP is built-in the bottom layer of Boost insole, it’s extends from the middle part of rear sole to forefoot sole. It improves the bending rigidity of forefoot sole to offer excellent supporting performance and anti-torsion performance.

ULTRABOOST 21 uses CONTINENTAL rubber which has good abrasive resistance and traction performance.

It has hollow-out design on the rear outsole. It reduces the weight.

As a pair of running shoes, ULTRABOOST 21 also upgrade the structure of vamp. It’s made of Primeknit and Primeblue recyclable material. It’s reinforced by 2cm double layers of knit which guarantee the supporting performance of vamp. Both sides of shoe heel adds TPU plate which is also extending to the position of arch. It strengthens the heelpiece and stability of arch. It improves the protection to the ankle.

The lacing system of ULTRABOOST 21 still uses 3 pieces of transparent TPU  on both sides of vamp to improve the supporting performance.

The vamp of Ultraboost 21 is integrated. The topline uses socks type design. The topline uses double layer elastic structure. It improves the fitness. The pull-tab design of shoe heel is convenient for putting on and taking off.

The Boost is soft and elastic. The thickened 6% Boost offers excellent cushion performance. As Boost doesn’t need time to break-in, I can feel the excellent cushion performance in the beginning of running.

But Boost is soft, it’s not suitable for long-distance running. UltraBoost 21 uses LEP system and Continental outosle which can offer excellent supporting performance and stability when running.

The shoe tree of UltraBoost 21 has been changed. It has widened design on forefoot sole.

Overall, the thick Boost design of UltraBoost 21 offers excellent cushion performance. The LEP system offers good support and protection to Boost. It’s suitable for most of runners. But if you want to run full Marathon, UltraBoost 21 maybe too heavy for you, you can try Adidas zero adios pro.

UltraBoost series are popular in the market. The design is fashion, and the Boost insole is comfortable. It’s also suitable for daily dressing.

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