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Adidas 4DFWD Performance Review

Adidas unveiling epoch-making mid-range technology. The new generation 4DFWD technology insole has been evolved. By improving the dynamics structure, and combining the most advanced 3D line printing with the testing data of athletes, it improved that it can transfer the vertical impact force to boosting power to improve the running speed. The 3D printing insole technology is officially coming.

Adidas dedicates to develop the technology of running shoes for several years. It keeps improving the performance of running shoes to help the athletes to go beyond themselves.

Since 2015, Adidas cooperating with Silicon valley high-tech 3D printing brand CARBON used the first generation of Futurecraft 4D insole as prototype to seek breakthrough. In 2021, they successfully made the unique FWD insole grid structure.

The original FWD geometry grid structure can convert the compressing force into single horizontal pushing power. Comparing with last generation Futurecraft 4D insole, the propulsion is improved 300% and the cushioning performance is improved about 20%.

4DFWD technology insole has been tested by the precise instruments of top lab. And it’s also tested by the Adidas Germany research and development group and Adidas elitist runners. After unceasing feedback and amendment, it makes the perfect 4DFWD technology insole. The runners can feel the smooth experience of feet from the ground to the bounce.

The first pair of adidas 4DFWD series running shoes concentrates several top shoe-making technology of Adidas.

Below is the characteristics of adidas 4DFWD series running shoes:

  1. Epoch-making 4DFWD insole technology uses 39% biology material to make 3D biology line printing. After a series of testing, it sifts the special grid structure which can absorb the vertical impact force. The propulsion of 4DFWD is improved 300% and the cushioning performance is improved about 20%
  2. PRIMEKNIT Vamp: The socks type design Primeknit vamp offers good fitness and support. The knit material has good air permeability. The S seamless streamlining design on the shoe heel offers better fitness.
  3. The rhomboid rubber outsole offers great abrasive resistance and traction performance which can reduce the force of friction. It can push the runners to run forward.

The first released colorway of Adidas 4DFWD is black and it’s decorated with red. The 4DFWD insole is semi-transparent white.

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