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A Close Look at Nike REACT INFINITY RUN 2

When people are talking about the most comfortable and popular running shoes, which one would you think of? For me, I would say the Nike Pegasus series, the UB running shoes that once swept around the world, to name a few. However, when I came across this Nike REACT INFINITY RUN 2, I decided that it should be added to my list. So as an update version of REACT INFINITY RUN, what surprises or what kind of new tech can we find in it?

If you are interested in Nike and have done some research before, you must have known that besides the stellar ZoomX foam, the React foam has also become Nike’s most widely used foam material with the best performance, which embraces the characteristics of softness, resilience, lightness and durability. It is so soft and lightweight, and fits most people’s feet so well that shoes with this technology have become the first choice for a large number of runners.

But it should be mentioned that there’s a bit change that has been made to the foam of this REACT INFINITY RUN 2:  the arch of the shoe was added with some filling so as to offer enough arch support.

Here I also want to share with you one of my feelings about the Nike foam. Since I am much into sports and I quite like wearing new shoes, I had been exercising  with the shoes for the past two months. And here is what I have found: the more I wear the shoes, the better it fits my feet. And many people have also observed the same feeling online.

Therefore, for flat-footed people, the initial discomfort at the arch will fade away with time elapsing, and for others, this change can increase support for your arch.

For the midsole, its external structure has also been adjusted and the change in the heel is to better absorb shock so as to protect our feet and knees. By the design, not only is cushion performance improved, but the comfort has also been increased.

All of the above features are designed to provide the most comfortable running experience. In an effort to explore and deepen the research of running injury prevention, Nike has added ZoomX technology and launched the Nike ZoomX Invimble running shoe as an upgrade to the React Infinity Run 2.

And the widened React Foam can increase stability, which makes the mass runners feel safer and more comfortable when running. Apart from that, the filling in the collar prevents our feet from discomfort. In short, after checking these details, all I want to say is that Nike really worked very hard in this respect.


It’s also worth mentioning that the design of React Infinity Run 2 was actually inspired by Vaporfly 4%.

All in all, the shoes can be more than suitable for wide-footers while some flat-footed people may feel uncomfortable at first. The cushion is also very soft and the feedback is obvious enough that it can be easily felt. So this Nike REACT INFINITY RUN 2 is nice for beginners. Hopefully this could be a guide for you.

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