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Jordan Luka 1 Performance Review

Luka’s first pair of signature shoes have its exclusive shoebox. This model that I just purchased is Jordan Luka 1 CNY with Rabbit logo.

Luka 1 uses brand-new materail. As the first pair of signature shoes, it’s special.

The configuration of Jordan Luka 1:

It uses full-length Formula 23 cushion materail.

It uses IsoPlate stabilizing system.

The left and right asymmetrical Flightwire technology vamp.

The vamp of Luka 1 uses left and right asymmetrical design.The knitted fabric vamp is matched with stitches and hot-melting technology. It’s special. The inner side of vamp is printed with ‘NON DESISTAS, NON EXIERIS’. The inner space is big, it won’t oppress the instep. If your foot is thin, it should choose half size smaller. It’s better to have a try on physical store.The shoe tongue design is interesting. The first half has a lot of big ventilated holes. And the second half is made of artificial leather embroidered with LUKA’s logo, which improves air permeability and reduces the pressure from the shoelaces. The fitness is good. The shoe tongue won’t be easy to slide.

The inner side of shoe tongue has Rabbit pattern.

It only has ventilated holes on the shoe tongue, so the air permeability of vamp is not good.

The ankle design of Luka 1 is good. It has three layers’ design. The outsole extends upward. It has cup-shaped stabilizing plate. The inner side is added with a layer of lining, which connects the two shoelaces holes, so that you can adjust the degree of tightness of ankle.This kind of design improve the stability.The other light spot of Luka 1 is the brand-new insole cushion material-Formula 23 & IsoPlate stabilizing system. The red insole material is the brand-new Formula 23 cushion material. The Formula 23 material is covered with a layer of white cushion material. The middle position of outsole has hollow-out design, which reduce the weight. The feedback of Luka 1 is good. The stabilizing system IsoPlate should be made of TPU material. The thickness and stiffness is good.

The stability of the front part of the shoe depends on the IsoPlate, and the second part is extended depends on the upturning design of outsole, which offer stable supporting performance. The stability design of Luka 1 is great.
All most all of the The Luka 1 models uses transparent outsole material. I guess that it’s to expose the brand-new insole materail Formula 23.

The traction performance of Luka 1 is good. But after absorbing the dust, the traction performance decrease. And the transparent outsole is easy to be oxidized.

Jordan Luka 1 is designed according to the playing way and request of Luka. The resilience of insole is not excellent. But the stability and feedback of cushion is great. It also looks cool. You can have a try.

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Deconstructed Report of PUMA MB.02

Let’s have a look at the inner structure of PUMA MB.02 today.

Splitting the left shoe of MB.02 from middle position

PUMA MB.02 A-A section

Separating the vamp and insole of right shoe

The bottom of shoe tongue uses big mesh fabric, which improve the air permeability. The inner sleeve design improve the fitness.

The integrated vamp fits the foot well.

The surface of shoe-pad is made of fabric material, and it’s printed with PUMA and Bauer’s personal logo.

The surface material of insole fabric is EVA.

The reverse side of insole fabric is non-woven material.

The insole uses full-length NITRO FOAM cushion technology with PEBAX cushion material.

The inner side of half sole is upturning design, which cover the insole to improve the stability.

The length of EUR42 half-sole PEBAX cushion material is about 43.57mm.

The width of EUR42 half-sole PEBAX cushion material is about 63.69mm.

The thickness of EUR42 half-sole PEBAX cushion material is about 4.70mm.

The length of EUR42 heelpiece PEBAX cushion material is about 36.97mm.

The width of EUR42 heelpiece PEBAX cushion material is about 43.35mm.

The thickness of EUR42 heelpiece PEBAX cushion material is about 4.71mm.

The heelpiece has surrounding TPU plate which is placed between the heelpiece and insole to improve the stability.

The thickness of EUR42 heelpiece surrounding TPU plate is about 2.03mm.

The arch TPU stabilizing plate is placed between insole and outsole.

The length of EUR42 TPU stabilizing plate is about 92.71mm.

The width of EUR42 TPU stabilizing plate front end is about 49.40mm.

The width of EUR42 TPU stabilizing plate rear-end is about 36.84mm.

The thickness of EUR42 TPU stabilizing plate is about 2.58mm.

The outsole uses one piece rubber.

The thickness of EUR42 half-sole rubber outsole is about 4.27mm.

The thickness of EUR42 heelpiece rubber outsole is about 5.35mm.

The thickness of EUR42 half-sole (insole+outsole) is about 18.57mm.

The thickness of highest point of arch position is about 24.25mm.

The thickness of EUR42 heelpiece (insole+outsole) is about 25.37mm, the drop height is about 6.8mm.

Let’s have a look at the difference of the MB.02 and MB.01 inner structure:



MB.02(L)& MB.01(R)vamp comparison

MB.02(L)& MB.01(R)shoe tongue comparison

MB.02(L)& MB.01(R)outsole and insole fabric comparison

MB.02(L)& MB.01(R)insole structure comparison

MB.02(above)& MB.01(below)insole A-A section comparison

MB.02(L)& MB.01(R)stabilizing plate comparison

MB.02(L)& MB.01(R)outsole pattern comparison

The thickness of EUR42 MB.02 half sole(insole+outsole) is about 18.57mm, and the thickness of heelpiece (insole+outsole) is about 25.37mm. The drop height is about 6.8mm.

The thickness of EUR42.5 MB.01 half sole(insole+outsole) is about 18.11mm, and the thickness of heelpiece (insole+outsole) is about 25.77mm. The drop height is about 7.66mm.

The deconstructed parts of MB.02

The deconstructed parts of MB.01

Deconstructed Report

Vamp: The vamp is made of lightweight engineering mesh fabric. The both sides of vamp uses hot-melting TPU material to improve the lateral support. The inner sleeve design improve the fitness.

Insole: It uses full-length NITRO FOAM cushion technology. And it’s also filled with PEBAX cushion material. It’s resilient. The resilient feedback is great. The arch TPU stabilizing plate with surrounding TPU plate offer excellent stability.

Overall: Based on PUMA MB.01, PUMA MB.02 has been upgraded. It reinforces the strength of vamp and adds PEBAX cushion material on the half-sole. The comfort level is obviously improved.

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Unboxing & Closed Look: PUMA MB.02

PUMA MB.02 has been released for several months. It has several colorways for your choice, such as MB.02 ROTY,MB.02 Sazaku, MB.02 JADE,MB.02 SLIME and MB.02 Rick and Morty.


PUMA MB.02 Rick and Morty

PUMA MB.02 Rookie of the year


PUMA MB.02 Sazaku


Let’s have a look at the appearance details of PUMA MB.02 FLARE today.


The black and silver shoe box has featheriness window, and it’s printed with M.E.L.O. 02.

The shoe tag on the side of shoebox

The vamp is made of lightweight engineering mesh fabric. The shoe head position has big area of hot-melting material to improve the protection.

There are 8 couples of shoelaces holes. The stressing position is thickened, and the position of the last shoelace hole is placed behind the shoe tongue, so after fastening the shoelaces, it can fit the foot well.

It uses inner sleeve design to improve the fitness.

The outboard of vamp has the wing pattern. And the PUMA logo is hidden inside. The soft TPU material improve the lateral supporting performance.

The inner side red wing pattern is more aggressive.

The insole uses PUMA NITRO FOAM cushion technology. The lightweight low density foaming material integrate the soft comfort and energy feedback together.

The shoe heel has surrounding TPU plate. The three-dimensional Bauer’s logo is highly recognizable.

The outsole uses feather pattern. The pattern is dense, and it’s filled with a lot of herringbone pattern.

The surface of shoe-pad uses fabric material. It’s printed with PUMA logo and Bauer’s logo. The reverse side is brush coating.

The length of EUR42 shoe-pad is about 271mm.

The width of EUR42 half sole shoe-pad is about 93.68mm.The thickness of EUR42 shoe-pad is about 5.76mm.

The unit weight of EUR42 MB.02 is about 428.2g.

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HOKA CLIFTON 9 Performance Review

The most famous series running shoes of HOKA is CLIFTON series.

The 9th generation HOKA CLIFTON 9 keeps the characteristics of CLITON series shoes, including Meta Rocker insole configuration.

The thickness of insole is increased about 3mm. It uses ventilated mesh fabric shoe tongue, multi-layer functional mesh fabric and durable outsole rubber.

CLIFTON series shoes are the most representative running shoes series of HOKA brand. It’s different with HOKA Bondi 8. The thickened insole of HOKA Bondi 8 offers exaggerated cushion performance. The CLIFTON series pay attention to running omnipotency and foot feeling. The HOKA CLIFTON 9 keeps the original Meta Rocker insole configuration. It expects to keep the balance of stability, gait transition and cushion.

HOKA released many colorways of HOKA CLIFTON 9, maize yellow, blue and white etc.

The vamp of HOKA CLIFTON 9 is made of multi-layered ventilated functional mesh fabric. The characteristic of this fabric is to offer good fitness and supporting performance.

There are a few HOKA sea mew logo on the vamp. Overall design details in line with all kinds of HOKA outdoor shoes’ appearance.

The stabilizing structure on the outboard of shoe head has the reflective effect and also improve the air permeability of HOKA CLIFTON 9.

Although it doesn’t have nylon pull-tab design on the heelpiece and the vamp is not high elastic, but it’s low version, it’s easy to put on. The shoe tree is moderate, not too thin, not too wide.

Although the middle part of the shoe has a slight retraction design, with the multilayer functional mesh fabric, the middle position of foot is tight after putting on. The fitness is excellent.

Overall, HOKA CLIFTON 9 has big upgrade comparing with HOKA CLIFTON 8. It can satisfy your request of daily training.

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The Performance Review of Adidas ADIZERO SL

The configuration of Adidas ADIZERO SL:
About 50% of the Adidas ADIZERO SL uses recycle materials.
The vamp is made of engineered mesh fabric.
It uses full-length Lightstrike cushioning material.
The half sole also has Lightstrike Pro cushioning material.
The unit weight of US9 is about 245g.
The drop height is about 10mm. The height of half sole is 25mm, and the height of heelpiece is 35mm.

The size of Adidas ADIZERO SL is standard. The shoe tree is widened. If your foot is thin, it’s better to choose half size smaller. The front two shoelace holes uses spanner band design, but the spanner band doesn’t extend to insole, it’s just fixed on the vamp.The surface of vamp is constituted by two kinds of ventilated holes. It uses hot-melting on the shoe head. The flexibility of vamp is not big. The shoe head and shoelace holes use TPU coating film to reinforce the durability. After fastening the shoelaces, the fitness is great. The air permeability is not excellent, but good enough if the weather is not too hot.
The shoe tongue uses the same material as vamp to make the mounting hole. The shoe tongue didn’t slide when running.

The shoe tongue also has Adidas logo. The padding of shoe collar is not thick, but the built-in cup-shaped stabilizing plate is big and thick. The stability is good.

ADIZERO SL is lightweight daily training shoes. But the unit weight of US9 is about 245g.

The insole uses full-length Lightstrike, and the half sole also adds Lightstrike Pro material. It has hollow-out design on the outboard half sole to reduce the weight and improve the flexibility.The insole of half sole is widen to improve the stability. The flexibility is not excellent. But it’s very comfortable after putting on.
After running about 35km, the insole still keep the same, but the resilience of Lightstrik Pro becomes better. After running more than 50km, it becomes more comfortable.I also tried a few times of rop skipping training, the resilience of half sole is great and comfortable.I felt like the ADIZERO SL is a daily training version of the ADIOS 7, with a similar insole configuration, Lightstrike Pro with Lightstrike cushioning materails.
The height of ADIZERO SL half sole is 25mm and the height of heelpiece is 35mm. The height of ADIOS 7 half sole is 19mm and the height of heelpiece is 27mm. It means that the full-length sole adds 6mm Lightstrike.It’s more comfortable.The price of ADIZERO SL is cheaper.The outsole uses strip nicks. The deep and thick pattern has good durability and traction performance. I already run about 35km, but it doesn’t have obvious abrasion.ADIZERO SL is suitable for kinds of training. It’s comfortale, and has good resilience, supporting performance and cushion performance. And the price is cheap. As a pair of lightweight all-around training shoes, it’s worthy to purchase.