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Unboxing & Cloed Look: PUMA RISE NITRO

The PUMA exclusive NITRO FOAM cushion material is made of supercritical nitrogen foaming technology, which has excellent performance on the cushion, resilience and energy feedback. PUMA recently released PUMA RISE NITRO which uses NITRO FOAM cushioning material.

PUMA RISE NITRO is endorsed by new generation power R.J. Barrett.


The classic black and white shoe-box

The shoe tag on the side of shoe-box

The engineering knitted elastic vamp is densely covered ventilated holes to improve the air permeability. The density on the instep position is higher.

The transmittance of light of PUMA RISE NITRO vamp

It uses seamless mesh fabric to cover the forefoot sole and lacing system, which can reduce the loosing of shoelaces, and it looks nice.

Both sides of the vamp adds PWR TAPE reinforcing ribs to improve the stretchability of vamp.

The thick padding is comfortable.

The insole uses full-length supercritical NITRO FOAM cushion technology.

The outsole rubber has up-turning design on the shoe-head position, which can restrain the deformation of insole.

Foamed insole upturned at the forefoot force point.

The hollow-out PUMA logo is at the side of vamp, which can improve the lateral supporting performance and reduce the weight.

The shoe heel adds PWR TAPE reinforcing rib which offer good stability.

The high viscosity wear-resisting rubber cover the whole outsole. It’s suitable for playing basketball on indoor and outdoor court.

The forefoot sole uses water ripple pattern which offers good traction performance.

The arch position has a big piece of PROPLATE which improve the rigidity of insole and can switch the energy efficiently.

The spacing between the water ripples at the shoe heel becomes narrower, which offers more stability.

The surface of shoe-pad uses fabric material. The shoe heel has PUMA logo.

The length of EUR42 shoe-pad is about 270mm.

The width of EUR42 shoe-pad is about 90.60mm.

The thickness of EUR42 shoe-pad is about 5.78mm.

It uses non-woven fabric.

The unit weight of EUR42 is about 400.6g.


The appearance of PUMA RISE NITRO is concise. The yellow colorway looks brilliant. It’s suitable for playing basketball on indoor and outdoor court.

The size is half size bigger than standard size. The large opening design is suitable for kinds of foot types. The engineering fabric vamp has great elasticity. It’s comfortable. The PWR tape reinforcing rib can improve the stretchability of vamp. The full-length NITRO foam cushion technology offer good feedback and resilience. The PROPLATE can switch the energy efficiently and save the energy when running.

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CONVERSE ALL STAR BB SHIFT concentrate on stability, responsiveness and cushion performance. Its location is multiposition team model. The appearance design has high identification. Let’s have a look at its details today.


The white shoe-box has CONVERSE LOGO.

The shoe’s information

The vamp is made of thick knitted engineering mesh fabric.

The inner side of shoe head has a big area of hot-melting film to improve the protection.

It uses 2 sets of adjustable lacing system. The left shoe is tied normally through fiber line, and the right shoe is tied through the inner side shoelace hole. The user can adjust it according the foot type. It’s useful.

The independent shoe-tongue design is suitable for most of foot types. The instep position uses ventilated mesh fabric. The top of shoe-tongue is leather material and embroidered with Converse logo.

The TPU on the outboard of vamp and outsole extends to the outboard of arch. It’s printed with AIR ZOOM.

The outboard vamp has hot-melting Converse logo. The shoe upper is added with TPU yarn to improve the lateral support.

The inboard upper is also added with TPU yarn.

The shoe collar has independent liner to protect the heel and ankle.

The shoe heel is covered with leather. The pull-tab is askew.The pink rubber outsole

The forefoot sole is widened design. The multi-directional ripple pattern improve the traction performance.

The outboard arch position has upturning design to improve the supporting performance and stability.

The inboard arch design can improve the supporting performance of arch.

The pattern of shoe heel is flat.The surface of shoe-pad uses fabric material.The length of EUR42.5 shoe-pad is about 272mm.

The width of EUR42.5 forefoot shoe-pad is about 94.71mm.The thickness of EUR42.5 shoe-pad is about 4.38mm.

The inner side of non-woven insole fabric is filled with a layer of thin foam.The unit weight of EUR42.5 is about 368.6g.

Multiple styles of shoes with the same colorway theme



The CONVERSE ALL STAR BB SHIFT OX basketball shoes is made of thick engineering mesh fabric and leather. It has 2 sets of adjustable lacing system. It uses ZOOM AIR cushion and has a big area of TPU to improve the supporting performance and stability.
The size is standard. The independent shoe-tongue design is suitable for many kinds of foot types. After lacing the shoes, it won’t press your foot. I can feel the feedback from the forefoot Zoom Air cushion when jumping. The rear sole is a little stiff. But the stability is good.

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Unboxing & Closed Look: UA HOVR PHANTOM 3

Every runner needs a pair of running shoes that can run all day long and has wonderful performance and appearance. The brand-new UA HOVR PHANTOM 3 has been upgraded.


The front side of black shoebox has big UA logo.

The soft and elastic UA Intelliknit vamp offer good air permeability.

The high resilient material offer comfortable fitness.

There are 5 couples of shoelaces holes. The front 2 couples of shoelaces holes are reinforced by hot-melting material. And the rear 3 couples uses flywire design to improve the lateral supporting performance. The three-dimensional design reduce the pressure to the instep.

The middle part of the vamp uses inelastic material to guarantee the lateral support.

The shoe collar uses socks type design which can fit the ankle well.

The shoe-heel is surrounded with big and stiff TPU stabilizing plate, which improve the stability. It guarantees the flexibility and supporting performance.

The full-length UA HOVR™ cushion system is soft and resilient.

The curled-up shoe head design can help you to be more flexible when exercising.

Both sides of the insole are covered with energy grid to offer the necessary dynamic support when stressing. The outboard insole with double-deck constrictive energy grid design can offer excellent supporting performance.

The constrictive energy grid can reduce the loss of energy by keeping away from the buckling position of forefoot sole.

The rear sole uses frameless exposed design. The thick UA HOVR cushion offers excellent cushion performance.

The outsole use full-length wear-resisting rubber. And the hollow-out design can reduce the overall weight.

The forefoot sole has groove design which is easy to bend and save the effort when exercising. The special pattern can improve the traction performance and durability.

The rear sole has heel cleft design.

The shoe-pad is fixed. It can’t be taken away. The thickness of the UA SpeedForm 2.0 shoe-pad is different on different position. It’s soft. The air permeability is good.

The unit weight of EUR42.5 is about 320.8g.


The performance and appearance of UA HOVR PHANTOM 3 running shoes has been upgraded. It has more excellent cushion system, resilient material and stronger supporting performance.

The size is standard. After lacing up the shoes, I can feel the comfortable fitness and support. The brand-new UA HOVR™ cushion system can offer great shock absorbing and resilient performance. The shoe heel is surrounded with stiff TPU, and the insole is covered with constrictive energy grid, the overall stability is good.