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Unboxing & Closed Look: UA HOVR PHANTOM 3

Every runner needs a pair of running shoes that can run all day long and has wonderful performance and appearance. The brand-new UA HOVR PHANTOM 3 has been upgraded.


The front side of black shoebox has big UA logo.

The soft and elastic UA Intelliknit vamp offer good air permeability.

The high resilient material offer comfortable fitness.

There are 5 couples of shoelaces holes. The front 2 couples of shoelaces holes are reinforced by hot-melting material. And the rear 3 couples uses flywire design to improve the lateral supporting performance. The three-dimensional design reduce the pressure to the instep.

The middle part of the vamp uses inelastic material to guarantee the lateral support.

The shoe collar uses socks type design which can fit the ankle well.

The shoe-heel is surrounded with big and stiff TPU stabilizing plate, which improve the stability. It guarantees the flexibility and supporting performance.

The full-length UA HOVR™ cushion system is soft and resilient.

The curled-up shoe head design can help you to be more flexible when exercising.

Both sides of the insole are covered with energy grid to offer the necessary dynamic support when stressing. The outboard insole with double-deck constrictive energy grid design can offer excellent supporting performance.

The constrictive energy grid can reduce the loss of energy by keeping away from the buckling position of forefoot sole.

The rear sole uses frameless exposed design. The thick UA HOVR cushion offers excellent cushion performance.

The outsole use full-length wear-resisting rubber. And the hollow-out design can reduce the overall weight.

The forefoot sole has groove design which is easy to bend and save the effort when exercising. The special pattern can improve the traction performance and durability.

The rear sole has heel cleft design.

The shoe-pad is fixed. It can’t be taken away. The thickness of the UA SpeedForm 2.0 shoe-pad is different on different position. It’s soft. The air permeability is good.

The unit weight of EUR42.5 is about 320.8g.


The performance and appearance of UA HOVR PHANTOM 3 running shoes has been upgraded. It has more excellent cushion system, resilient material and stronger supporting performance.

The size is standard. After lacing up the shoes, I can feel the comfortable fitness and support. The brand-new UA HOVR™ cushion system can offer great shock absorbing and resilient performance. The shoe heel is surrounded with stiff TPU, and the insole is covered with constrictive energy grid, the overall stability is good.

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