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Deconstructed Report: PUMA RISE NITRO

PUMA RISE NITRO basketball shoes continue the fashion-forward design concept of FUISON NITRO series shoes. The fashion-forward design with the newest technology leads a new level of basketball shoes. Let’s have a look at the inner structure of PUMA RISE NITRO today.


Splitting the left shoe from middle position

The side section of PUMA RISE NITRO

Separating the vamp and insole of right shoe

The hollow-out PUMA logo is on the side of vamp, which can improve the lateral supporting performance and also can reduce the weight.

The thickness of tail end hollow-out PUMA logo is about 2.72mm.

The thickness of the position between hollow-out PUMA logo and insole is about 1.42mm.

Deconstructing the engineering knit elastic vamp, we can see that there are 5 couples of shoelaces holes. The front 3 couples’ holes are made meshbelt. The rear 2 couples’ hole uses metal material to improve the durability.

The inner sleeve with big mesh adds fabric material on the stress position, effectively improve the strength of vamp.

It’s clear to see the vamp structure.

The surface of shoe-pad uses fabric material. It has PUMA logo on the shoe heel.

The insole fabric is non-woven material.

The insole uses full-length Nitro Foam cushion technology.

The stress position of forefoot insole has upturning design to improve the strength of vamp.

The forefoot insole uses honeycomb pattern which improve multi-directional flexibility.

The shoe heel uses U shaped PEBAX cushion.

The length of EUR42 PEBAX cushion is 64.91mm.

The width of EUR42 PEBAX cushion is 51.62mm.

The thickness of EUR42 PEBAX cushion is 4.61mm.

There are a big piece of PROPLATE on the arch position. The arch position is thick, which improves the stability.

The length of EUR42 inboard PROPLATE is about 182mm.

The length of EUR42 outboard PROPLATE is about 177mm.

The width of EUR42 front-end PROPLATE is about 82.13mm.

The width of EUR42 rear-end PROPLATE is about 64.62mm.

The thickness of EUR42 PROPLATE is about 1.96mm.

The thickness of EUR42 PROPLATE on the arch position is about 3.53mm.

The outsole uses high viscosity durable rubber.

The thickness of EUR42 front outsole rubber is about 4.24mm.

The thickness of EUR42 rear outsole rubber is about 5.56mm.

The thickness of EUR42 front sole (insole + outsole) is about 17.35mm.

The thickness of EUR42 rear sole (insole + outsole) is about 24.43mm. The drop difference is about 7.08mm.

The unit weight of EUR42 PUMA RISE NITRO is about 400.6g.

The deconstructed parts of PUMA RISE NITRO

Deconstructed Report

Vamp: It’s is made of three-layer structure, engineering knitted elastic upper, fabric side lining and big mesh inner sleeve, providing good fitness, comfort level and air permeability. The hollow-out PUMA logo and PWR reinforced rib offer supporting performance.

Insole: The insole uses full-length NITRO FOAM cushion technology. The shoe heel has independent PEBAX cushion. It’s very comfortable. The big area of PROPLATE offer good rigidity and can offer efficient energy conversion at startup.

Overall: The PUMA RISE NITRO basketball shoes not only has fashionable appearance, but also has great performance.

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