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Unboxing & Closed Look: PUMA MB.01 LOW UFO

PUMA released PUMA MB.01 for LaMelo Ball. Adhering to the core concept of PUMA basketball, both of the the overall style and details reflect Ball’s personal style, a variety of practical configurations have a bright performance on the court. It releases the low version for the Summer games.


The shoebox is covered with brilliant universe colors. The middle position has windowing design. You can see the shoes from it.

The shoe tag on the side of shoebox

The fabric material vamp is covered with hot melting material to offer supporting performance and protection. It’s printed with Ball’s slogan ‘NOT FROM HERE’.

There are 5 couples of shoelaces’ holes. The front 2 couples are dynamic design.

The shoe tongue is printed with UFO pattern.

The outboard vamp has embroidered flame pattern.

The inboard vamp uses hot-melting flame pattern.

The insole uses PUMA NITRO FOAM cushion technology. The light low density integrate the comfort and energy feedback.

The outboard forefoot outsole has uptruning design to improve the stability.

The ‘XXX’ on the insole represents Ball’s youngest triple-double honor. The stiff TPU improve the lateral stability.

The outsole uses full-length semi-transparent rubber.

The forefoot axis of rotation as the center point, multi-direction lines offer better traction.

The rhombus pattern on the shoe heel offer better stability.

The fabric of the shoe-pad is bestrewed with gorgeous universe color to echo the pattern of shoe-box.

The length of EUR44 shoe-pad is about 283mm.

The width of EUR44 forefoot shoe-pad is about 95.94mm.

The thickness of EUR44 shoe-pad is about is about 5.52mm.

The insole fabric is EVA material.

The unit weight of EUR44 is about 462.70g.


The gray green colorway of PUMA MB. 01 LOW UFO basketball shoes looks nice. It continues the specific design of MB.01. The low model improve the flexibility. It’s suitable for the dressing style of most of basketball players.  The size of this model is a little bigger than standard size. The fitness is comfortable after fastening the shoelaces. It improves the flexibility. The insole uses full-length NITRO FOAM technology. The resilience of the forefoot sole is good. And the feedback of rear sole is obvious.