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Unboxing: Nike LeBron 19

For unboxing the NIKE LeBron 19, we gathered some questions from the shoe fans. Today we want to share these questions with you.

Q: What’s the insole configuration of the LeBron 19?

The insole uses Cushlon foam to match with the separated air cushion. The forefoot sole uses ZOOM Air cushion, and the rear sole uses exposed Max Air. It’s covered a big piece of stabilizing plate to connect the two pieces of air cushion from the middle part of forefoot sole to shoe heel. We can feel the resilience of the ZOOM Air cushion on the forefoot sole when fitting.

Q: It looks that the center of gravity is high. Is it easy to sprain the ankle?

Yes, the center of gravity of LeBron 19 is not low. And the air cushion almost haven’t been covered. But when testing, the degree of the air cushion deformation is within the acceptable range.

Q: Does the LeBron 19 have anti-rollover design?

From the side of chassis, we find that the LeBron 19 has a little out trigger design. But as you know, the anti-rollover performance needs the cooperation of several parts, such as the strength of vamp, traction performance, hardness of sole etc. After testing, we will share more reviews of its anti-rollover performance with you.

Q: What about the abrasion resistance of outsole?

As we haven’t tested it, if you care about the abrasion resistance, you can wait for the our performance review of LeBron 19 after testing it.

Q: What’s the vamp material?

The vamp uses double-deck composite material. The outer layer is similar to nylon material which is tough and has low ductility. The side of vamp has extending Flywire from insole and two pieces of TPU supporting structure to reinforce the lateral stability. And it connects with shoelaces system for the user to adjust. And the inner side has a layer of inner sleeve structure.

Q: Is the fitness good?

The LeBron 19 uses inner sleeve design. The overall fitness is excellent. My colleague’s standard size is US11, but the size US12 is not too big. He thinks that it can choose half size bigger than standard size. Due to the design of shoe collar, the shoe tongue design is also a little high, so it needs time to break-in in the beginning.

Q: What’ the first released colorways?

The first released colorway is black and red one, and the ‘SPACE JAM’ colorway.

Q: What’s the weight?

The unit weight of US12 LeBron 19 is about 640g. It’s heavier about 40g than LeBron 18.

As I’m the fans of LeBron James, I like some details of LeBron 19 design. After testing it, we will share the performance review with you.