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Newton Gravity V Performance Review

Nowadays, running has become an integral part of many people’s life and because of this, all kinds of running shoe brands have also emerged to meet people’s needs. But this is good news for us since we can have more choices as well as more experiences. And among the many brands, Newton is certainly a superior one. As one of the most professional and niche brands in the field of running shoes, Newton has gone through a 12-year research and development process and dedicated a creative running shoe for the majority of runners, whose excellent performance has made it the first choice of many runners in the world. It is the Newton Gravity V .

The Newton Gravity series has ushered in its fifth edition in 2016. This new version still adopts the seamless material in the vamp, whose design looks nicer than the previous ones, however. There are also more colorways for you to choose from, and the durability, of course,  has also  been greatly improved. Another key improvement is in the shoe tongue, which makes the shoe more comfortable and breathable.

The Newton   shoes are positioned as the “serious runners”. No matter how bright the shoes’ colorways are, their performances are always online, not in the least affected by their outside impressions perceived by most people. But since there are more colorways to choose from, it should be mentioned that all the colorways are visually shocking but remains nice at the same time.

The Newton Gravity V’s appearance is actually cool, exuding the air of superiority. For the vamp, it is the traditional mesh material which can ensure breathability. The tech signs and number indicating height difference on the outside of the midsole are quite ordinary, but when it comes to the outsole you are mostly likely to get surprised as I did.

The whole shoes are indeed very good. The leather in the toe allows our feet to move inside the shoes and the woven fabric of both the inside and outside of the front part is very soft. As you can see, there are reflective strips designed on both the inside and outside of the toe and heel of the shoe, which is the most obvious of Newton logos and can ensure the safety of running at night.

With respect to the shoes’ tech, Newton Gravity V  is expecting to bring us a different experience through its lightness and distinguishing techs. Therefore, it has spared no efforts in improving its techs. The core update is that the height difference between the front and the rear is only 3mm, which can help us develop right running postures.

The most distinctive part of the shoes is in the front foot where there protrude several lumps which is the P.O.P, the core tech of this brand.

The Newton Gravity V has been changed in the tongue and the change can increase the wrapping and make the shoe more comfortable and breathable. And with the insoles that are made of light foaming material which is more elastic than the double density insoles, the whole shoes are made all the more comfortable.

The only pity is that Newton shoes seems to be born for running, so they’re not the best choice for walking around.


On the strength of my testing and experiences, this Newton Gravity V is more than suitable for running especially for long-distance running. With its excellent techs and materials used, the shoes are sure to offer you a very nice and unforgettable experience.

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Newton Fate 2 Performance Review

When knowing the availability of  the Newton Fate 2 , I was very thrilled and just could not wait to have one because I knew at the very beginning that in order to run efficiently and comfortably, it was a must to equip a pair of good running shoes. So here is the review of this Newton Fate 2.

Before looking closely at the shoes, I want to mention something of the brand. Newtons have always been known as a niche and professional running shoe brand, and said to be a great treasure of the United States. The company has used Newtonian mechanics principle perfectly and it take the company 12 years to develop the shoes with 9 US patents. Compared to the long-established predecessors like New Balance, Asics and Brooks, there must be something unique about the niche and professional brand that has gained a foothold in the face of this fierce competitive market.

According to the official introduction, FATE 2 is a multifunctional running shoe with a more breathable upper and talus elastic liner for better foot protection. The slightly tilted front thruster fully demonstrates the effect of Action/Reaction Technology, which offers traction in startup, thus making walking and running easier and more comfortably. Coupled with solid  cushioning at the front and the rear, the shoe gives you a consistently perfect running experience.

Looking back at the previous versions of Newton shoes, I found that all the colorways of its shoes were visually shocking. As for this one, it is the classic colorway of red and black. Though it is eye-catching and coquettish, you can easily deal with all kinds of rugged roads.

My feet are wide and if the last of a shoe is narrow, I will ditch it immediately no matter how good or how cool it is. But this Newton Fate 2 is just right for runners with wide feet. The vamp uses a new seamless hollow woven mesh with no stitching to provide the best comfort and air permeability for us. The details of the shoes are also seriously and carefully designed, including the words and logos on the shoe which makes it all the more beautiful.

With respect to the toe, there is the leather which is used to offer more support while the black rubber is here to protect our toes and enhance durability. Such design will only result in a more wear-resistant and practical performance of the shoe. At the two sides near the toe part are made respectively 4 holes to improve air permeability, keeping the inside of the shoes dry and comfortable.

The design of the tongue is actually quite beautiful. When we put on the running shoes, the tongue of the shoes is automatically exposed. And the words “Newton Fate 2” is very obvious. In addition, the tongue is very light and breathable, helping us to quickly dissipate heat during the running, and will not wear our feet. 

The “4.5” in the heel indicates the height difference between the front and the rear parts, which helps improve cushioning performance and develop good running posture. Besides, the heel and the toe both adopt the reflective design which plays a significant role in night running. After all, more and more white collars will choose to run at night. Therefore, I think such design is actually awesome.

The most unique aspect of Newton running shoes lies in their front foot design. The P.O.P(Point of Power) is a proprietary design  of the Newton running shoes. Actually, Newton has designed three P.O.P. forefoot thrusters with different shapes and efficiencies. Respectively , they are the P.O.P 1, the P.O.P 2 and the P.O.P 3. For more details about their different performances, you can refer to the Internet.


To summarize, if asked to describe the shoes with only one word, I would say that the shoes are superior, and if asked to make a recommendation for running, I would then highly suggest this one, Newton Fate 2. In short, it has all the necessary performances that are required of a running shoe. What’s more, it has the exclusive tech that is so helpful and compelling.