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Unboxing: New Balance 550 “Triple Black”

The brand name New Balance is nothing new for many people, not least for sneaker lovers and running enthusiasts. Many of the brand’s shoes remain classical and fashionable even in the world of today. For example, the New Balance 550, a pair of vintage basketball shoes created in 1989, has become a cult favorite in today’s fashion world. Now that the colorway “Triple Black” of New Balance 550 has been released, it is set to have its fans electrified and scrambling to buy it.

Previously the ALD X New Balance 550 has attracted many people, and even Bieber and Bella could not resist it. Since they wore the shoes, there have been a number of colorways and the eye-catching retro Vibe has once again caught the attention of millions of people.

With the release of the “Triple Black” of New Balance 550, many people are pulling out all the stops to buy a pair of shoes. As regards its appearance, it is safe to say that it can be in the forefront in the field. Although it is pure black, that doesn’t make it any less handsome and cool. Instead, it is because of its black appearance, it looks all the more aggressive and is endowed with the air of nobility.

The vamp is made of large perforated leather and embellished with some fabric material, ensuring high quality and good air permeability.

The logo “N” and the vintage fonts “550” at the side of the shoes are both simple but delicate as well as the craftsmanship. Besides, the three-dimensional, lowercase “new balance” and the white stitching in the midsole all create an air of full retro.

The shoes’ simple yet characteristic appearance is very eye-pleasing, if not eye-catching. On top of that, the shoes can match with all kinds of our daily dressings, making us distinct among a huge crowd of people.


The New Balance 550 Triple Black is now available on the brand’s website and at certain retailers, including Up There, for between $132 and $180. Therefore, it is highly recommended for those who are interested in the shoes to take action right away.


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