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Unboxing & Closed Look: PUMA TRC BLAZE COURT

PUMA released the brand-new TRC BLAZE COURT basketball shoes on the Summer of 2022. The inspiration comes from PUMA BLAZE OF GLORY. Let’s have a look at the appearance of PUMA TRC BLAZE COURT today.


The shoebox is black and white.

The vamp is made of mesh fabric and pile coating material. It combines the good supporting performance and air permeability.

There are 6 sets of shoelaces holes. The 3rd set is dynamic design. The 4th and 5th sets combines with the TPU plate to improve the overall supporting performance.

It adds TPU plate on the outboard of vamp to improve the stability.

Both inner side and outside of vamp are reinforced with pile coating material.

It used ultra-light weight and high resilient PROFOAM insole to offer light resilience and timely energy feedback.

The outboard insole has widened design. With pile coating material, it can avoid the deformation of vamp when exercising.

The insole on the arch position has upturning design to improve more supporting performance.

The rear insole has upturning design to offer more stability.

The TRINOMIC insole hollow out structure refers to the old TRINOMIC structure and uses the advanced and comfortable PROFOAM+ material and to make the upgraded insole structure design. It realizes the combination of cushion, stability and flexibility.

The old TRINOMIC cushioning technology is made of high resilient material which is similar to honeycomb. It’s filled with air to offer cushion, stability and flexibility. The new TRINOMIC insole hollow-out structure has been upgraded.

The front sole uses radial herringbone pattern. The acute angle design and high durable rubber offers multi-directional transaction performance.

The arch position has stiff TPU stabilizing plate.

The rear sole has PUMA logo pattern.

The surface of shoe-pad is made of fabric. The shoe heel has TRINOMIC mark.

The length of EUR42 shoe-pad is about 271mm.

The width of EUR42 half sole shoe-pad is about 92.45mm.

The thickness of EUR42 shoe-pad is about 5.75mm.

We can see the black TPU stabilizing plate from the non-woven material insole fabric.

The unit weight of EUR42 PUMA TRC BLAZE COURT is about 352.5g.


As the first pair of PUMA HOOPS shoes with TRINOMIC structure cushioning technology, PUMA TRC BLAZE COURT combines PUMA’s classic technology with legendary shoe design. The overall weight is light. And the size is standard. The shoe collar design is convenient for putting on and taking off. It’s suitable for most foot types. The feedback of insole is fast. The cushion performance and fitness is good.




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