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Unboxing and Closed Look: Adidas Solar Boost 3

When speaking of Adidas series running shoes, people must think of Ultra Boost series. Recently, Ultra Boost series bring the brand-new Ultra Boost 21 and Solar Boost 3.  Let’s have a look at Solar Boost 3 today.

The appearance is still Adidas style. It’s not so exaggerated as Ultra Boost 21.

The main colorway is white and decorated with gray and orange.

The vamp is made of gray mesh fabric. It uses PRIMEGREEN recycle environmental protection material.

The heelpiece is made of unique foam and Boost bilayer structure. It’s not only soft and resilient, but also stable.

The outsole is added with brand-new adidas LEP system. It’s useful to improve the performance.

The insole of Solar Boost 3 is still made of foam and Boost bilayer structure. It’s comfortable. It can be compared with UltraBoost. The insole is thick, with the LEP system, the foot feeling is similar to full-length carbon plate running shoes. Overall, Solar Boost 3 is comfortable. It has good resilience, the feedback is great.

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