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Unboxing: AIR JORDAN 5 Retro

The last time Nike made the Air Jordan 5 retro shoes was in 2013 and several years later, it again made another Air Jordan 5 retro version to satiate the needs of its fans. So here is the unboxing of the AIR JORDAN 5 Retro.

Upon opening the package, I was surprised to find that there were two boxes to protect the shoes, from which we can see the sincerity of the brand.

In terms of the inner box, it consists of the classic marbling in the lower part with the red JUMPMAN logo on a black background in the upper, which is impressive as a whole.

There is also a Nike logo at the side.

There aren’t any accessories in the shoe box, but only a paper that is made of garbage-bag-like material which I’ve also seen in the box of the retro version of AIR JORDAN 11 black and Red.

As soon as I opened the shoebox, I was quite electrified by its fresh appearance that goes very well with our daily dressing.

In spite of that, it looks rather bulky from the heel, which might dissuade those previously beckoned by its looking from buying.

When it comes to outsole, it is still the classic crystal one, with the iconic JUMPMAN LOGO in the forefoot.

The breathable mesh in the middle of the vamp is made of soft plastic, which feels super comfortable.

The transparent air cushion in the outsole is very obvious from this perspective.

As can be seen in the picture, there in the vamp are three different fine leather texture that is nicely designed and feel very comfortable.

The material in the middle of the iconic 3M reflective shoe tongue is also made of comfortable plastic.

The crystal shoelace buckle and the red part are both eye-catching.

In the inner side of the tongue is the classic inverted “AIR JORDAN”, and in the heel there are quite a lot of foams that are good for keeping warm in winter but can be incredibly hot in summer.

As for the insoles, they are of average quality, but their reverse sides are quite smooth, which is rarely seen.


To tell the truth, I had no expectations for the shoes at first, but when I got them in my hands, I was amazed for it has restored the classic version quite well. With its good material, excellent workmanship, and the blessing of a dunker and “the god of basketball”(shown in the pictures before), it has already become one of my favorites to wear in winter. If you happen to be interested in the shoes, it’s a good time to have a try.

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