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Unboxing: Air Jordan 11 Jubilee and Air Jordan 11 Adapt

Air Jordan 11 Jubilee and Air Jordan 11 Adapt have been released to honor Jumpman’s past and look to the future, both of which are compelling to Jordan Brand fans. For those who are interested in the two shoes but have got neither, the detailed information of the shoes must have some reference value. Therefore, here we are going to take a close look at the two shoes and see whether they can live up to our expectations.

We’ll first look at Air Jordan 11 Jubilee. For the shoebox, it is a combination of black and silver, echoing the colorway of the shoes. Besides, the traditional drawer type design of the box has been put away, and its new design now can offer people more surprises about the shoes.

The theme of Jubilee is to “honor the past” and its design is inspired by original sketches of the Air Jordan XI, which looks very similar to the Air Jordan 11 72-10 released in 2015. Although Jubilee is certainly no match for the status and popularity of the Concord and Bred, its appearance and design, anyway, are still pretty eye-pleasing, if not eye-catching.

The AJ11 Jubilee also features a large patent-leather design in consistent with that of the original version, with silver ornament added to the pure black vamp for a more sophisticated look.

The shoelace hole is embellished with metal “JORDAN” which has only been seen on the AJ11 of the DMP suit, indicating AJ11 Jubilee’s uniqueness.

The Jumpman Logo on the outside of the heel is also of silver metal.

The number 23 on the heel is also silver, echoing the decoration on the vamp and symbolizing the special identity of the shoe’s 25th anniversary.

The insoles are  printed with the iconic logo and the number “25” to celebrate the 25 years’ success of the shoes and to pay tribute at the same time .

The midsole is white and the outsole is made of translucent opalescent crystal to highlight the “black and white” theme of the shoes, with the iconic logo visible on the sole.

As mentioned earlier, Jubilee’s appearance is eye-pleasing. As one of the most popular sneakers in the basketball field, AJ11 remains in the top three of all original sneakers due to its good looking. From my point of view, it is an all-match with our daily clothes and can stand careful appreciation.

When it comes to Air Jordan 11 Adapt , both its appearance and performance are comparable to the above one. The theme of the shoes is “Look to the future” which echoes that of Jubilee. Combined with a classic look and sate-of-the-art modern technology, Nike’s Adapt dynamic shoelace tech, AJ11 Adapt is very impressive to me while also maintains some of the AJ11’s original features. In a word, it is really a great surprise for Jordan shoe fans.

AJ11 Adapt retains the classic patent leather vamp, with white as the main hue. Besides, the original nylon part is changed to translucent material in order to highlight the shoes’ futuristic property and the tech integrated in them.

The tongue and the lining are also black while the midsole and outsole are decorated with bright orange material, making the shoes rater eye0catching.

To me, the button in the midsole that is used for manually adjusting the tightness of shoelaces is the most impressive. Over and above that, you can pair your shoes with your phone on the Nike Adapt app, through which you are allowed to freely adjust the tightness of your shoelaces so as to enjoy unmatched comfort.


Both Air Jordan 11 Jubilee and Air Jordan 11 Adapt are available for a period of time, but it should be made particular mentioned of that it is difficult to cop the two pair of shoes because they are  limited. However, with their particular significance, it’s definitely worth a try.

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