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UA HOVR Phantom 2 Performance Review

When talking about the midsole cushioning, the first thing that comes to my mind is the classic Nike Zoom X , Asics’s Gel cushioning and  Adidas’s Boost. Then speaking of Under Armour, what do you think of? Actually,  not much is known about its running shoe technology by a lot of people. But as a matter of fact, way back in 2018, Under Armour has launched its new midsole cushioning technology, the UA HOVR. And in August 2020, the UA Hovr Phantom with the new tech has also come to the second version. That is the UA HOVR Phantom 2 .

The UA HOVR Phantom 2 I received here is the entirely black one. It looks quite pure and at the same time very cool. And the first glance at the shoe has made me obsess with it. But if you don’t like this colorway, there are as well other options for you. There are indeed the red, orange, green, white one which are all very fashionable and can very well match our daily dressings.

In terms of the vamp, it is made of an integrated fabric material coupled with the elastic collar, the whole designed like a sock . And thanks to this design, the shoe has a very excellent wrapping and it wraps my feet nicely, and I feel very comfortable wearing the shoes. Simply put, it hugs my feet tightly, thus offering me an excellent stability. What is even better is that the shoe wears so comfortably that I can even wear it without wearing socks.

For a pair of  running shoes, its air permeability is also an important performance index. And for a pair of running shoes to stand out, its air permeability should be excellent. Very chunky as the UA Hovr Phantom 2 looks, it is  actually quite breathable. It has many holes that extend from the toe to the tongue, providing enough ventilation. And of course, in order to ensure adequate stability, the middle and back of the shoe is made of a high-density, inelastic material, which connects naturally the two parts.

The UA HOVR Phantom 2’s biggest upgrade from the previous version is the full-foot UA HOVR cushioning system, which is comprised of an outsole support pad, the UA HOVR foamed sole, the molded midsole veneer, the all-rubber outsole with a powerful grid pattern. Therefore, with the help of this tech, you can experience a rebound  quite different from that brought by other brands. The feedback during running is obvious and sufficient. And as for the outsole, it offers excellent grip and wear resistance, which actually makes the shoes strong and durable.

With respect to the  SpeedForm 2.0 insole which is not mentioned earlier, it is also comfortable as well as adding breathability. Besides, you might have noticed the collar at the heel which makes it easier for me to put on and take off the shoes .


What needs to be mentioned here is that since there is no traditional shoe tongue, you’d better tie your shoelaces very tightly before running. Overall, the UA Hovr Phantom 2 is good for jogging and casual training. And if you happen to be considering purchasing the shoes, chances are that you’ll be obsessed with it whose synonyms are comfortable, stable and durable.

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