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A Closer Look at Salomon Sonic PRO

I first bumped into Salomon when I was browsing a BBS about running. Although I’ve had several years’ of running experiences at that time, I was still unfamiliar with many running shoe brands for I thought it was my physical and will power that really mattered during exercising. But before long I realized I was wrong and then I also began seeking one pair of shoes that would be most suitable and great help for me. And after I learned about this French brand, I decided that I should have a try. So I picked this pair of Salomon Sonic PRO.

For the shoebox, it is quite an ordinary box and on the side are printed with the basic information of the shoes.

Upon opening the box, I was refreshed by the shoes’ colorway and appearance. It just seems like a cool breeze of summer which can be very nice and appealing.

But since I happened to got a pair of Salomon SLAB-wings here, I’d also like make a brief comparison between the two shoes.

In terms of their outsoles, they are actually quite similar. The only difference lies in that the front foot of the Sonic Pro has been changed into ContagRip that is much more wear-resistant. And thanks to that design which seems a bit negligible though, I am able to enjoy a more excellent grip.

Another point making me rather satisfied with the two shoes are they both adopt the highly acclaimed QuickLace which is of great help both when I put on and take off the shoes.

Besides the outsole, it is somewhat surprising that the two shoes are also similar in their shoe type and appearance. And from my point of view, they are both eye-catching and each of them has also its own merits.

For the Salomon SLAB-wings, its core techs are the LIGHTWEIGHT ENERGYCELL+ which is used in the midsole to provide consistent elastic feedback, the ENERGY CELL used as the midsole cushioning, and the 3D RIDE that can be especially helpful on rugged roads. And when it comes to the Salomon Sonic PRO, the CONTAGRIPR® in it can be more than suitable for all kinds of urban roads and at the same time offer powerful grip. What’s nicer is that it is highly wear-resistant so that it can stand up to various kinds of tests. And in the heel, the ENERGY CELL+ is very soft, aiming at relieving shock brought to our feet.

With regard to the insoles, it is obviously seen that there are improvements. And since the shoes adopt the Otholite insole, it is said that the insoles can wick away moisture. For this part, I think it needs some more testing. But if asked about the softness of them, I have to say that they are really very comfortable from the inside out.

As for the shoes’ weight, there is only a slight difference between them which is about 21g. And I don’t think this would matter that much in terms of the shoes’ performances.


Actually, inheriting the excellent design of S-Lab Sonic classic running shoes, the shoes did bring many marathon lovers very nice experiences and delivers the design concept that everyone can create PB (Personal Best). There is a saying that “Everyone deserves having a pair of Salomon Sonic PRO”. In fact, I think for running lovers, the shoes also deserve your trying.