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The Configuration of PUMA Disc Rebirth Porsche

For the first time, PUMA combines its Motorsport racing lines with PUMA Hoops basketball shoes, and it uses PROSCHE design to released the brand-new PUMA x Porsche Legacy Hoops limited item-PUMA Disc Rebirth Porsche professional basketball shoes which combines the PUMA’s exclusive DISC technology with Porsche’s design to create a new and refreshing basketball shoes.

PUMA Disc was born on 1991. It’s the initiative disc closure system with no shoelaces, which was a powerful shock to the sporting industry at that time. The revolutionary character innovative technology utilizes the DISC turntable to lock the inside steel wire system, so the shoe can quickly and perfectly fit the foot. It can offer great supporting performance and stability to the foot. PUMA Disc turntable system can avoid the inconvenience and risk of loosening the traditional laces too tight or too loose. It only needs to turn and press DISC shutting turntable easily to adjust the fitness quickly.

With the integrated special shoe tongue design, the vamp can fit the instep perfectly. The lateral string device can connect the shoes from front end, side vamp and the shoe heel in series to create the most perfect fit of the shoes and foot. When putting on and taking off, it only needs to press the DISC turntable button, then it can loosen the vamp quickly. It’s convenient and save the time.

It’s the first time that PUMA Hoops cooperate with Motorsport. It uses Disc Rebirth which uses PUMA Disc turntable technology as the prototype and releases the brand-new PUMA Disc Rebirth Porsche basketball shoes. The vamp is jointed with ventilated mesh fabric with leather. The forefoot vamp has CPU sticky strap to cover the foot. The side vamp is decorated with semi-transparent TPU plate to reinforce the lateral support which can prevent the risk of rollover when moving.

The outsole uses durable rubber to increase the traction performance. The outsole is black and yellow. It also has Puma logo.

The insole uses full-length PROFOAM technology to make light weight and high resilient feedback. The Disc turntable system above the shoe tongue can make the foot and ankle fit the vamp perfectly to offer higher stability and fitness.

The side vamp has Porsche hang tag. And the shoe heel has the mark of 911.

The main colorway is black and white. The appearance of PUMA Disc Rebirth Porsche looks cool. The configuration is also great. It’s limit to sale now. So the present price is also high. If you are interested in it, it’s better not hesitate for a long time.