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A Close Look at Nike Lebron 7 「MVP」

If asked which pair of shoes was the most cost-effective  to be picked up, I would say it is the Nike Lebron 7 「MVP」 which may also be the most worthy one that I think I have bought in the whole year 2020. As a matter of fact, I have bought the shoes way back in June, 2020. And the reason I take it out at this time is to share with you more authentic feelings and experiences.

I had also been thinking about buying another colorway which is in the picture below. However, after serious consideration, I chose the brighter colorway which eclipses the one below.

The shoes are actually launched to memorize the second   MVP won by James in his career in the 2009-2010 season.

It’s safe to say that the shoes can very well reflect all the  feelings of those days. The setups, the materials used and the design in details are all perfectly replicated.

The sneaker’s colorway is mainly a combination of the classic white and wine-red. Such a combination is simple though, it is indeed very eye-catching and memorable.

For the vamp material, it is a large leather in the front part which extends to the rear part. But uncharacteristically, there is no Flywire in this pair of shoes this time, which is mostly adopted by the colorways of Lebron 7. Instead, it is the much softer material that is used here.

The Nike swoosh in the shoe is made of velvet. With the wine-red welt and the gold velvet, the logo is actually very nice.

There are totally 7 sets of shoelace buckles, the last two of which are fixed with a gold reinforcement. And with the red shoelaces, the shoes look all the more beautiful and elegant.

At the back of the shoes, there is the nicest design of the shoes, on which is James’ personal logo at the beginning of his career. To tell the truth, I was even somewhat possessed with it which is rather meaningful.

In terms of the midsole, it was also one of the things I remember that was a hit at the time the shoes were launched. And the reason behind  this is that it was the first time that Nike installed a Max Air360 cushion on a basketball shoe. Therefore, it is no wonder that the tech would cause a stir in the field at that time.

Meanwhile, on top of the Max Air360  is also a cushion which is in replacement of the traditional  midsole. And despite the fact that the tech is widely seen in the sneaker market of today, it was indeed a big hit back then.

The “Lebron” logo.

On the inside of the vamp, the embroidery of the James logo in other colorways have become the embroidery of the MVP.

And inside the tongue is also embroidered the “08-09” and the “09-10”. It is during the two seasons that James won his two MVP in his career.

On top of that, as can be clearly seen in the picture, there are the words “witness” and “history”  embroidered on each side of the heel.

As for the insole, there are also many details about James.


Whether it is for memorization or for use, the shoes are now at a relatively low price and are available in many shores. So if you are also interested it, why not take a shot?