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Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38 Performance Review

Many runners are favorite of the Nike Pegasus series running shoes. The brand new Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38 has adjusted the details of midfoot to improve the fitness. It keeps up the forefoot ZOOM Air cushion design of Pegasus 37, which offers excellent resilience. In short, Pegasus 38 fulfills the Pegasus lines’ promise of comfort and superior performance.

Upgraded Creation

  1. Pegasus 38 widen the space of forefoot by the new shoe tree design. The runners may notice that the shape of Pegasus 38 is similar to Pegasus 36.

2.  The brand-new midfoot webbing covers the foot, which allows each runner to tighten the shoelaces according to his habit.

3. The vamp is made of engineering mesh fabric to make different thickness design to improve the comfort level and air permeability. It offers excellent fitness to the runners. It’s very comfortable when running.

4. The shoe tongue adds padding which upgrade the comfort level.

The insole keeps up the design of Pegasus 37——React foam offers sensitive resilience.

The ZOOM Air cushion on forefoot sole offers excellent energy feedback.

Pegasus 38 has opened the NIKE BY YOU service. The runners can adjust the arch height, outsole material and the colorway of shoelaces etc. To make its exclusive design.