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Before this review, I have asked some of my friends who are also obsessed with running that how was the performance of this KALENJI KIPRUN TRAIL XT6 in their matches, and they all replied that it was superb. It even offered them comfortable and awesome experiences on muddy roads.

Decathlon is actually one of the most familiar brands for many runners. Judging from past experience of many buyers, it is a professional brand that knows well the consumers’ needs and preferences, and has also good quality. In addition, it deals in a complete product line which can further meet  we consumers’ needs. And on the personal level, I have also bought  Decathlon shoes for years that have become an integrated part of my life. As for this KALENJI KIPRUN TRAIL XT6, it has accompanied me for a long “journey”.

In terms of its appearance, it is beautiful as well as stylish.. With the large area of orange supplemented by the color of violet, the shoes seem like a born “model” that are very charming on the outside. However, Decathlon  shoes are never look-impressive-but-worthless things. But rather, you are to get astonished at this KALENJI KIPRUN TRAIL XT6 only when you experience it in the flesh.

After I got along with the shoes for a relatively long time, the only shortcoming of the shoes, I found, was its weight. A single shoe weighs 290g which is a bit heavy. But on the other hand, by increasing its weight, it also gains the advantage of being tough and durable, which is why I call the Trail XT6  an all-terrain running shoe for short and medium distances.

When it comes to the vamp, it is strong enough that it can not only protect our feet well, but also provide us excellent wrapping. And since I’ve got the hang of it and I am now quite familiar with it, I trust the comrade quite a lot.

Seeing the toe, I am relieved for I am sure it can protect my feet from injuries on whatever kind of  ground. Therefore, I am more assured that I can focus on running without fear of being injured.

As for the tongue, it is very thick and soft, which is friendly to our feet. And the shoelaces are made in such a way that they won’t loosen easily.

The reflective material at the side of the shoes can serve as our “guardian angel” at night. And for the insole, although it is inconspicuous when people are talking about the shoes’ overall performances, it actually offers some support that is still of great help.

With regard to the outsole, as you can see in the picture that the pattern in the front is different from that in the rear. The front part offers reliable grip and can also provide a certain extent of cushion since it adopts the k-ring cushioning tech.

Talking about the breathability, the word surging in my mind is “sweltering”. I’ve wore the shoes for many important moments of my life and although its overall performance was  fantastic, its air permeability is not that superior. So it may not be suitable for broiling summer days.

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To summarize, this KALENJI KIPRUN TRAIL XT6 is widely said to be highly cost-effective and is suitable for cross-country race of 50 km or less and daily training. In short, it can meet the needs of most off-road runners and highly recommended in rugged roads.