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A Close Look at Air Jordan 11 Adapt

The Air Jordan 11 is always being looked forward to at the end of each year, which seems to be becoming a common phenomenon. And at the end of 2020, as a loyal fan of the series, I was also waiting for its release. And it did live up to the expectations of its fans. On December 12th, the Air Jordan 11 Jubilee has come at the appointed time. Then on December 30th, the Air Jordan 11 Adapt, a modern sneaker that combines the past with the future, was also released. Since I’ve copped one pair of Air Jordan 11 Adapt, I’d like to share some of its information with you.

But different from the previous retro versions, the Air Jordan of 2020 is to bring us brand-new colorways rather than paying tribute to the classic. And looking from the outside of the Air Jordan 11 Adapt, I think it entails more meaning. Some buyers asked that if the Air Jordan 11 Jubilee represents the past, does the Air Jordan 11 Adapt represent the future? From my perspective, I’d say “No! The Air Jordan 11 Adapt just represents the current moment.”

I am sure most of you are familiar with Adapt which was adopted in many excellent Nike shoes in recent years. And it is also widely favored by many sports enthusiasts for it is furnished with an adjustable system that makes the shoes fit almost every wearer. But the fact is the Adapt series did get a lot of attention in its initial sales phase, but was quickly forgotten due to its high price and poor usability, and received little feedback.

The legendary sneaker designer Tinker came up with the idea of a laceless sneaker 26 years ago when the AJ11 was first designed, but the bold idea was scrapped because there was no better technology or material available to replace it.

But more than two decades later, with the Nike Adapt technology growing in maturity, Jordan has turned that idea into a reality, combining a classic look with futuristic technology.

As a matter of fact, I’m looking forward to such a pair of shoes with both nice appearance and outstanding technology, but at the same timeI have some doubts about the positioning and setups of the shoes.

The AJ11 has always impressed me as a retro basketball shoe that can be used for both combats and daily wearing. But with the new technology, the price of the shoes will not be inexpensive. And the upgraded AJ11 Adapt will definitely have some changes in its performances, which remain some more testing however.

Next is about the shoes’ setups. It is known that the Air Jordan 11 adopts the full-foot Air Sole  cushion and a large carbon plate in the arch. But according to the official news, the large carbon plate in the arch has been replaced by TPU that is of similar shape and size.

Although the iconic carbon plate in the midsole was gone,  Nike was smart enough to put carbon fiber in the insoles.


In short, both the Air Jordan 11 “Jubilee” and the Air Jordan 11 Adapt are excellent models of Nike. With their superior appearances and remarkable meanings endowed, they are set to be compelling for lots of fans.