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Unboxing: Air Jordan 1 Mid “Paris”

If you happen to be an experienced Jordan Brand fan, you must have known, or at least, heard of the great popularity of Air Jordan1 in the sneaker circle. However, partly owing to this, its price is also very high, which have made many people deterred. In contrast, the Air Jordan 1 Mid version is not only more cost-effective, but also richer in colorways. And good news is that Jordan Brand is releasing a new version, the Air Jordan 1 Mid “Paris”, on February 28th, which is going to electrify many fans. Although it may not be as widely enjoyed as Air Jordan 1, there are  still quite a few aspects of the shoes that deserve looking at.

With regard to the vamp, it is mainly white with gray upper, and the body is made of leather fabric for a more dainty and sophisticated look.

The dark blue suede Swoosh Logo at the sides, against the background of the white body, makes this AJ 1 Mid “Paris” all the more eye-catching and recognizable..

The iconic logo and the embellished words, “Paris” , once again highlight the shoes’ identity.

The “wings” at the sides are also retained and the outsole has continued that  classic design of Air Jordan 1. To tell the truth, the first glance of the outsole has made me impressed by the shoes. Not only is the shoe body inviting, but the outsole is also nice-looking, which, I think, may quite surprise us by offering an unexpected and outstanding grip performance with its well designed grains.

For the welt, there is filled with quite a lot of solid material to ensure comfort and sufficient protection for wearers.

In the fore part of the vamp, there are many air holes that ensure air permeability which is badly needed in the forthcoming summer. Therefore, for those who are fond of exercising in late spring or summer days, they can just work out without worrying stuffness underfoot.


Now that this Air Jordan 1 Mid “Paris” will be available on February 28th, it is recommened to take action and have a try. After all, although it is not a perfect shoe version and doesn’t get as much attention as AJ1, there are still many merits in it that we can not ignore.