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NIKE PG 5 Performance Review

Only if mentioning PG5, people would like to compare it with PG4. But we needs to know that the bad feedback of PG4 is due to several parts. Firstly, NIKE hasn’t paid much attention on the design and appearance. Secondly, the status of Paul George was not good. Thirdly, the overall performance of PG4 is not good, it’s below average. So the price of PG4 descends a lot.

What’s the level of PG5? The answer is qualified. It doesn’t have obvious disadvantages. The overall performance is on average level. But except the light weight, it doesn’t have any other obvious superiority.

PG5 is comfortable. The padding of shoe upper is thick. The sole is soft. But comparing with ZOOM air cushion, the resilience of PG5 is not good enough.

The feedback of full-length Air sole cushion insole is good, but after a period, the feedback will descend. The Air Sole cushion performance will be weaken.

Certainly the PG5 is comfortable. And it’s light. The unit weight is only about 350g.

The fitness of PG5 is still just qualified. For example, if the fitness of PG1, PG2 & PG3 can get 80 scores, the fitness of PG5 can only get 68 scores.

For the supporting performance, comparing with PG4, the lateral support of PG5 is improved. The supporting performance of vamp is also qualified.

The lateral support of PG5 is reinforced. The outsole is also added with anti-rollover design. The center of gravity of insole is not low. The anti-rollover performance of PG5 is qualified.

The outsole of PG5 is the same as Zoom Kobe 9. The traction performance is good. It doesn’t have obvious skid on kinds of court.

Overall, PG5 is a pair of qualified light basketball shoes for the defenders. The performance of PG5 is better than PG4. And it has several colorways for choice. The  present price is not high. If you are interested in it, you can have a try on physical store.

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