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New Balance Vazee 2090 Performance Review

For running lovers, those new running shoes are like childhood candies in the stores and they are eager to have a taste of them. Those “candies” are just so compelling and are constantly attracting every “child” who walks past them, and I am also one of them. So when I received the new New Balance Vazee 2090, I was just as excited as the little kid more than 20 years ago who got the candies in the showcases.

Honestly, as soon as I opened the shoebox I was attracted by its colorway which was the bright fluorescent powder mixed with gradient black. From my perspective, it is lovely as well as elegant. In terms of the colorways of running shoes, I like bright ones which seem to offer me endless energy for running is the  kind of sport that requires quite a lot of enthusiasm to keep on year by year regardless of the seasons.

It’s been a relatively long time since I received the New Balance Vazee 2090, and I’ve been running in it for the last two months. As a rule, we need some more time to adjust to a pair of new shoes, but when it comes to this one, I thought it felt like one of my old friends at the first meeting and before long I could get the hang of it.

And the size I chose here was half a size larger than my usual one and it just fits me snugly. Simply put, there is no extra room in the front part but the vamp just hugs my feet friendly. So I feel quite relaxed when I am running.

The middle and rear parts of the shoes are supported by the Dynamic vamp which is a leather-like material and can offer protection for our feet. However, maybe it is because of the vamp material, I also feel my instep a bit tight and I’d therefore recommend those with high insteps to buy a larger size.

The shoes’ midsole support, on the personal level, is perfect since I am used to landing on my heel first. But with years’ of running experience, I think the standard of measuring a pair of shoes is whether it fits me or not. If you don’t feel the existence of shoes in the process of running, but they are actually there to help you, then it can be said to be a pair of excellent shoes. However, if the case is to the contrast, it is likely that the shoes are not for you.

I love the fact that the New Balance Vazee2090’s cushioning performance is further improved  by adding a nitrogen buffer material to the midsole. Although this design seems a bit negligible, it does make a great difference. I’ve also got another pair of New Balance Vazee shoes, but without the nitrogen buffer material, the shoes are a bit overshadowed by New Balance Vazee2090.

The shoes’ anti-slipping performance is enough for use in our daily exercises. And the outsole offers such a nice grip that it can easily deal with many kinds of roads. However, on the strength of my bitter experience, I want to remind you that you’d better not choose to run on the wet roads with moss because you’ll otherwise get the same kind of miserable experience as I did.


I usually wear the shoes for running on asphalt roads where I can get the hang of the shoes. With the shoes’ overall nice performances and such a reasonable price, I think it is hard for running lovers to resist it.

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