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New Balance RC1500 v2 Performance Review

Several years ago, as I was sitting in the office, I found suddenly that my physical fitness has declined greatly with the increase of age and the decrease of exercise. Therefore, I made up my mind at the moment that I’d begin exercising again for the good of  my health although it would be a hard process. And I finally chose the most convenient way: running.

And since I was determined to work out, it was a must to have the suitable equipment. So my friends recommended me the New Balance running shoes, and after learning more about this brand, I had great faith in its shoes, and over the years, I’ve been making the brand as my first choice. Now since I am going to take part in some kind of match, I decided to pick one more pair of New Balance shoes to help me in the match. My final choice was this New Balance  RC1500v2. Here are also my experiences with it.

For the shoebox, it is the bright red in the outside and looks a bit more delicate than many others.

The size of this one is 8 which is the size I usually pick. So as soon as I got to the playground near my home, I just started warming up and then I began my running. But the first impression the New Balance RC1500v2 gave me was that it was super lightweight and brought no burden to my feet.

With regard to the shoes’ appearance, to tell the truth, it is very eye-catching for it has attracted much attention during my exercising on the playground.

Then from the vamp, I can tell that the shoes are born for running. It is made of the breathable and thin material which is to ensure enough air ventilation and help dissipate heat. Because I am wild about exercising in summer days when it is rather hot and the air is relatively moist, it is of great importance that my shoes should have excellent breathability performance. And it is also great to see that this New Balance RC1500v2 can meet my requirement in this aspect.

In terms of the shoes’ outsole, it is actually superior. Made of rubber and patterned with many rhombuses that correspond to that in the midsole, the grip offers me a very nice grip as well as the anti-slipping performance. And on the strength of my experiences, it performs equally nicely even on wet grounds, thus saving me some energy during long-distance running.

In the insoles there are also many air holes which enhances air permeability.

And with respect to the cushioning, although I am a bit heavy, weighing 78kg, it is enough for use even for me. The cushions are comfortable and elastic, but it is never too soft to affect our performance. And with the lightness of the shoes, I can always maintain a feeling of comfort and energetic both during the process of  jogging and fast running.

And even if I sometimes come across some rugged road, there is no need worrying about being injured by the impact of shock for the excellent and stable supporting can help protect my feet. In short, it is quite reliable and I am also confident in its performance.

As can be seen clearly that the toe of the shoe is upturned which also protect our toes from violent shock. And looking at the inside of the shoes, the tongue is integrated with the soles so as to avoid its slanting to the side during the running process. As for the shoelaces, they are professionally designed. They are very flat and long, which can prevent the laces from coming loose during running.

In addition to the shoelace buckles on each side of the tongue, there are another two buckles near the uppermost one. “All things in their being are good for something.” and this is just the case for the two buckles since they can adjust wrapping for those who have high requirements in this respect.


To sum up, the New Balance RC1500V2 is an excellent running shoe that offers both breathable stability and nice cushioning. And the cushioning and stable support are also ideal for long-distance running; with its protection performance, I think I can just be engrossed in my exercising.

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