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Air Jordan 35 Performance Review

Talking about Air Jordan shoes, I always think of the Air Jordan 33 and 34 which I always wanted to pick badly, but this seemed to confirm the saying that “the best is what you can’t get.” However, even though I had always been dreaming about the two shoes and it seemed  I could not own them, it was quite lucky for me that I’ve finally got one pair of Air Jordan 34 by accident. And it was the shoes that stood by me through some difficult times. Now when the series comes to the Air Jordan 35, I am just as excited as I was before. Since I’ve also picked one pair of Air Jordan 35 here, I’d like to share some of its information with you.

“There are a thousand Hamlets for a thousand readers”. In terms of its appearance, different people have different views. Some may think it is ugly while others may think it lovely. For me, I belong to the latter and the fact is the shoe is actually less chunky than it looks in the pictures. And looking from the side, I found the shoes are very nice and match my clothes very well.

When it comes to the setup, it is still the ZOOM in both the front and rear part, but the ZOOM in the rear has been upgraded  compared with the previous version. Besides, the vamp and the shoelace system have also been upgraded. With the upgradation, I’ve found that the wrapping of this Air Jordan 35 is improved accordingly. The size of this pair here is 44.5, but a single shoe weighs less than 400g which is very lightweight. And on the personal level, I prefer this kind of suede and woven composite vamp which is solid enough and offers sufficient support.

As for the cushioning performance, it does agree with me. Since I am about 90kg, I can enjoy the bouncy cushioning easily. But for those who are relatively light, they might require some time to get used to it. One buyer who weighs 70kg observed that the cushion was a bit hard, but it got a little better the next day.

After experiencing the zoom turbo, I want to mention badly that the ZOOM in the front differs greatly from the zoom turbo because the former offers more obvious feedback and more traction.

Sometimes it differs greatly if you pick the wrong size when you are buying shoes. But if you get the right size, the shoes can be a very nice companion. For me, before my purchasing the shoes, I’ve tried many sizes on flagship stores. Therefore, I can feel the vamp hugs my feet very well and I can then enjoy the excellent wrapping.

For the anti-slipping performance, I want to say that I’ve never seen a better shoe that owns such a nice performance. I’ve also observed the KD13, the ZK11, the PG1.5 and many others, but it turned out that only the ZK11 was not affected by the slippery ground. When it comes to the Air Jordan 35, I could even heard it “squeaking”, indicating that it can offer a superior grip. However, it can also absorb some dust and so it requires cleaning sometimes. As for the durability, I do not suggest using the shoes on concrete grounds or grounds with many stones. But since I’ve just got the hang of it for a short period of time, its durability remains a bit unknown and requires some more  tests.



In short, I think this pair of Air Jordan 35 can be said to be on top of the field. Just think of its overall performances, you are likely to get astonished at its excellency. And as a pair of sneaker, it has way exceeded the average sneakers in every aspect. Hence, if you have any interest in it, just take a shot.

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