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A Close Look at the Air Jordan 13 Series

Air Jordan 13 has always been a pair of shoes that are universally acclaimed, which is not only reflected in its historical significance in the sneaker circle, but also reflected in its outstanding combat performance. Among the early Air Jordans, the Air Jordan 13 is definitely one of the few models that is still widely enjoyed by many players today. Therefore, with its great popularity, we’ll then take a close look at the AJ 13 series and figure out what charm these shoes have.

Air Jordan 13 Balck Royal:

The colorway of black and dark blue is, from my perspective, not pretty enough to blow me away. Nonetheless, this has always been a matter of opinion, and it may be quite eye-catching in other people’s eyes.

The Jumpman Logo has replaced the personal logo in the tongue, adding weight to the texture of the overall shoes and echoing the setup of the original version of AJ 13. Besides that, the shoe body deserves to be mentioned. That is it is made of quite a variety of materials, including the litchi-rind-like leather, the mesh cloth and the suede, making the shoes quite dainty and sophisticated. In the vamp there are also hidden 3M reflective material to offer the badly needed protection for wearers, not least when they are exercising at night. In addition to the above, the upper is equipped with a “leopard eye” that is commonly seen and familiar to AJ 13 fans.

Air Jordan 13 Lucky Green:

The colorway of this Air Jordan 13 Lucky Green is much more eye-catching. From my point of view, it is pure, fresh and simple as well as delicate. For the vamp, the white part is made of large leather, which is most likely to result in stuffness when it is above 10 degrees Celsius. As for the tongue, it is embroidered with the green iconic Jumpman Logo.

The upper, decorated with a green “leopard eye “, matches very well with the black lining and the black outsole. With solid materials, it also offers hardcore protection for its owner.

Air Jordan 13 He Got Game :

The 3M reflective materials in the vamp, likewise,  provides wearers the essential protection while  the carbon plate in the midsole offers sufficient support. Over and above that, there is a built-in rear air cushion that will stun its owner by its excellent performance when he is landing. As for the outsole, it is the MD material that ensures nice durbility.

Air Jordan 13 Retro Starfish:

The bright orange Jumpman  logo in the tongue looks cool and “sunny” while the orange, black and white material stitched together with the suede leather give the shoes a layered look. For the vamp, it is designed with some starfish ornament, which makes the shoes less monotonous and have them put on some mysterious air.

Air Jordan 13 Retro GiGI:

The Air Jordan 13 Flint worn by Bryant and Drake is known as the GiGi colorway. But different from the previous several versions, this  Air Jordan 13 Retro GiGI has a much “soberer” appearance that might not be as inviting as the other ones. For the soles, they are supported by carbon plates. When it comes the midsole, there is a built-in air cushion for both comfort and protection. Like the other versions, this one is also equipped with 3D “holographic cat eye”.

Air Jordan 13 Retro Dark Powder Blue:

The vamp is mainly white while the midsole flocking and the heel are obsidian color. The tongue is still the Jumpman Logo, but for the outsole, it is also decorated with light blue for adding vigor and vitality for the shoes.

Air Jordan 13 Retro BIN3:

This  Air Jordan 13 Retro BIN3 seems to be more colorful than the above shoe versions and also possesses more wallop upon the eyes. However, on the other hand, for this colorway, it might not be easy to go well with our daily clothes. Except for this, it is quite similar to its fellows in the setups.


To sum up, even after so many years, the Air Jordan 13 still remains to be one of the favorites for many fans because of its excellent performances, and surely, the AJ 13 series won’t be disappointing, either. Although the different colorways are not perfect and there is still room for improvement, they are very likely to be the insuperable classic version for a long time to go.

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