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adidas Donovan Mitchell D.O.N. Issue 2 Performance Review

Upon opening the shoebox, I knew that this pair of Mitchell 2 would be my companion for a relatively long time because I felt somewhat breathtaking at the shoes even though I had seen its pictures before. Therefore, I decided at the moment that I’d use the shoes for both daily wearing and matches. Albeit that different people have different views about the shoes’ appearance and some people do not agree with my opinion, I think it is important that it did bring me happiness. So here are some feelings and information about the shoes, which I am eager to share with you.

I’ve checked the workmanship of the shoes as soon as I opened the shoebox. It turned out that the shoes assured me by its nice and superior materials. The vamp is really soft and smooth while the Bounce is actually very bouncy. Besides, the filling inside the shoes is sufficient, thus offering us a nice cushioning experience.

The Bounce, which I have tested, is very durable. As is said that if the foam of the midsole is of low density, there will be a large number of bubbles inside, resulting in a poor durability and unsatisfying cushioning performance, but on the contrary, if the foam is of high density, the cushioning performance and durability will both be  improved. So you must have known that the Bounce of this Mitchell 2 belongs to the latter. Whether you press it by your finger or by your feet, you are sure to feel the bouncy feedback. And for me, even after getting along with the shoes for one month, the cushioning setup was as good as ever. Although I am a bit heavy, weighing at 75kg, the cushioning is enough.

With respect to the insole, those who once bought Adidas shoes must have known that its SB insoles are  as thin as a piece of paper, which can not stand up to high-intensity exercise. Therefore, from my perspective, the insoles are not qualified and must be changed since they can not very well protect our feet.

Another shortcoming of the shoes is that there are no shoelace buckles in the shoes, which can be seen in the pictures, and has been criticized by many buyers. So here comes the question: how to solve the problem? Well, one of the solutions is drilling two shoelace holes, which is shown in the picture below. I’ve tried this problem myself and it turned out that it was effective and helpful. However, it is not so convenient because it is somewhat time-consuming. But with the buckles, you can obviously feel that the heel wrapping is greatly improved and the overall support of the shoes is also promoted.

Another solution is by binding the laces, which is shown below. But although this is not that effective and can only achieve 80% of wrapping of the previous method, it is relatively convenient and less time-consuming. Also, it can improve the heel wrapping and  enhance the integrity of the shoes.

Personally, I am quite satisfied with the shoes’ protection performance. It just appears whenever and wherever it is needed. So it is always in place, which makes me quite assured even if I want to take out high-intensity exercises. Firstly, the vamp is composed of internal leather material and external mesh, and is sewn very carefully and delicately. Secondly, there is the “Y”-shaped torsion resistance setup in the midsole. And lastly, the internal sponge filling is very sufficient, reducing a lot of wear and collision between our feet and the shoes while providing protection and increasing comfort.

As regards the outsole, there is not in the least any signs of wear and tear even after my wearing it for one month. Besides, it offers me a nice grip performance which does help me a lot. But I want to remind you that the outsole will not perform that nicely as usual on wet grounds, so you’d better bear it in mind so as to avoid slipping.


In short, Mitchell 2 is a pair of shoes with excellent performances and it is recommended to almost all kinds of players. Above all, it is customer-oriented and cost-effective.