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LA SPROTIVA HELIOS 2 Performance Review

I was surfing on the Internet one day and then the advertisement popped up. Out of interest, I clicked it and accidentally, I found this pair of LA SPROTIVA HELIOS 2. And after some search about the shoes, I bought it immediately which was also a birthday gift for myself since my birthday was approaching. The wait for the shoes was long and agonizing because I was expecting quite a lot of it. But it was worth the wait for it did live up to my expectation.

Several days ago, I wore the shoes out to exercise and many of my friends noticed the shoes as soon as they met with me. Some of them joked that it was coquettish while some other said it was very nice. And of course, I have an idea about it in my mind. I think the shoes are eye-catching and breathtaking, and it offers me quite a large amount of energy since I haven’t bought a pair of bright shoes as this one.

During my running process, one of the feelings of the shoes was that it was super light and comfortable. Although I’ve also copped the ascend7 of Mizuno, the WINGS of Salomon, I thought I had to change my opinion for I found this LA SPROTIVA HELIOS 2 was obviously more excellent than the previous ones. Firstly, it is much more comfortable and elastic. And secondly, it also offers a more outstanding grip which is for me very important because I usually go for off-road running.

Talking about the grip, I am quite satisfied with it. When I was running uphill, there were many gravels and sands on the road. But these were never a problem for this pair of shoes. In short, however rugged the roads are, the shoes can still offer me enough stability and nice grip.

However, there is one problem that bothers me most. That is the shoes’ sole which I don’t think is that satisfying. During the whole running process, I once stepped on the sharp stones, some of which just get stuck inside the gaps of the outsole, making me uncomfortable and lancinating.

Then on the way downhill, the condition of the road was very challenging for the shoes. Honestly, if the shoes didn’t have excellent grip and cushioning, I might have slipped many times. But thanks to its nice performances, I could enjoy my off-road running. And on the strength of my experience, I can tell you that you don’t even have to worry about slipping on wet grounds. Besides, the cushion also provides some protection for runners, which is actually a tremendous job done by the shoes.

As a matter of fact, as a pair of good shoes, it won’t attract your attention, but rather, it will make you focus on your running. And the cases is during the whole process, I frequently forgot my errand that I was doing tests of the shoes. But luckily, I remembered clearly all the feelings about the shoes.


All in all, the only shortcoming I’ve found so far lies in the outsole which are mostly like to make stones get stuck in its gaps. But if regardless of this point, it still deserves recommending. Personally, Helios 2 is generally great and wears comfortably and also goes well with our daily clothes. From a professional point of view,  it can adapt to all kinds of roads, offers us anti-slipping performance and protects us well. Therefore, you might as well take a shot.