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Converse All Star BB Evo Performance Review

Like many of you, I am also a loyal fan of the NBA games. And I also watched the NBA playoffs of 2020 which, I am sure, is what a lot of people are concerned about as well. To tell the truth, I’ve been really impressed with the perseverance of the Thunder in this year’s playoffs. On the one hand, they made it to the playoffs under the general underrating. And on the other, they even fought with their rival to the last second . And SGA’s performance is also quite surprising.

Then after the game, some questions ensue. Some may ask, “Is his sneaker a trump card that helped him perform that good?” So with regard to the shoes, here is the review of this Converse All Star BB Evo .

The shoes can be used in almost all kinds of grounds, except for the cement floors. And they are more than suitable for people weighing less than 80KG and those who don’t require too much of the shoes’ cushion. What is equally important is that the shoes are somewhat slim in its shoe type, which mean that they might not be that friendly to wide-footers.

Then here is about its overall performances that really count. To begin with, the shoes look quite like the Converse all star pro bb low. But actually, only when you’ve tried the shoes will you know that there is an immeasurably vast difference between them. Compared with the Converse all star pro bb low, the vamp of Converse All Star BB Evo is a great improvement; the vamp of the former is only enough for daily wearing since it can not offer sufficient support. But here I also want to mention that “Every coin has two sides.”: the air permeability of Converse All Star BB Evo is significantly reduced if compared with the other.

And maybe it is because of the design of the shoelace buckles, I feel the overall wrapping of the shoes are excellent. And as the inner and outer sides are braided with materials of different densities, the outer sides are noticeably stiffer, thus providing a more  obvious support while the inner side is a little softer and more comfortable. 

However, there is a point with which I am not satisfied. That is the filling of the heel looks very thick though( it is indeed very thick on the outside), the inner side of the heel is just of average performance.

Another excellent aspect of its wrapping is the built-in midsole, making the shoes all the more integrated.


In terms of the midsole, it is the built-in React  that is favored by Nike and widely used. When I am playing basketball on indoor courts, I can feel the feedback from the React which is bouncy.

Although the midsole in the rear part is thick, it is not enough and friendly to people with large weight.. But if it is compared with Jordan react elevation, I think it would be better.

With respect to the outsole, I’ve got the hang of it. On outdoor courts, the grip it offers me is considerable and it won’t absorb too much dust. However, if I am to play on inside smooth courts, I would then be a bit worried because I’ve sometimes slipped.

The upturned outsole can provide some support, so I think its anti-rollover protection is enough.

Maybe it’s because of the All Star Pro BB, I actually don’t have high expectations for it, but after some time getting along with it, I knew that it had successfully won my favor. And recently, I always chose it as my comrade in several games.



Over the several years, I have learned a lesson that the shoes with excellent performances may not be the most suitable for you while some others that only get an average evaluation are indeed very nice. To sum up, it is the most suitable one that is the best one.