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Air Jordan 36 Performance Review

Item: Air Jordan 36

Tester’s information:



Foot Type: a little wide

Court: outdoor painting court

This year, the AIR JORDAN 36 released. Many shoe fans are interested in it. And I also love the AJ series basketball shoes. After testing the AJ36, today I want to share the performance review with you.

Traction Performance:

Since AJ34, the outsole of AJ series shoes has changed to the traditional herringbone pattern. The outsole of AJ36 also uses herringbone pattern which also keep the excellent traction performance.

Cushion Performance & Feedback:

It’ said that AJ36 has the largest Zoom Air cushion in the history. The insole uses full-length Zoom Air Strobel with fan-shaped Zoom Air cushion on the forefoot sole. The configuration looks great. But I’m also afraid that it will affect the starting speed.

After testing, I’m surprised at the feedback of insole. It’s soft but also elastic. The starting speed is also fast, not laggard. Maybe it’s due to my heavy weight. For me, the insole doesn’t need times to break-in. I can feel the explosive resilience after wearing. I’d like to jump, run and making some movements after wearing. After jumping to the ground, the ZOOM Air cushion of AJ36 is very comfortable. The cushion performance is top-level.

Since AJ34 starts to use the hollow-out insole design till now, Eclipse Plate is regarded as one of the important Jordan technology. The Eclipse Plate of AJ36 is the upgraded 3.0 version. The appearance of Eclipse Plate 3.0 already has the obvious difference with previous two versions. It’s not integrated circle structure. For most of players who wear AJ36, the change of the structure liberates the arch.

Fitness & Supporting Performance:

The AJ36 uses the brand-new Leno-weave vamp. This kind of material not only can keep the stretched strength of vamp, but also guarantee good air permeability and lightweight. We can see the socks from the vamp. The vamp is very thin.

The vamp fit the instep well and the tenacity of vamp is also good. When moving, the vamp won’t deform excessively and affect the movement of footstep. With the Eclipse Plate which stabilize the insole structure, the overall supporting strength of AJ36 is great.


For Jordan series basketball shoes, it is certainly suitable for playing the basketball on indoor court. Not matter the durability of outsole or the brand-new Leno-weave vamp, we don’t suggest you to use it on outdoor cement court.


Advantages: AJ36 has comfortable cushion performance, great traction performance, good air permeability and light weight.

Disadvantage: We doubt the durability. It needs time to test it.

AJ36 is a pair of basketball shoes which can help you has better locomotor performance. It has strength boosting sense when running and jumping. The vamp has extreme lightweight. Comparing with previous AJ series basketball shoes, it’s undoubtedly that the performance of AJ36 is the best one.