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Unboxing: Adidas Adizero Adios Pro 2「Sonic Ink」

In recent years, it is popular to use thick sole for the running shoes in the market. Recently, the world athletics association published that the thickness of running shoes’ sole can’t exceed 40mm.

The adizero adios Pro 2 has been released. Let’s have a look at it today.

The adizero adios Pro 1 helped the London marathon elite runner to break the record last year. So the adizero adios Pro 2 keeps the excellent configuration. Many marathon champions weared the adizero adios Pro 2 to attend the November New York marathon.

The appearance of adizero adios Pro 2 looks nice comparing with adizero adios Pro 1. The Sonic Ink colorway is using bright flourescent light green and indigo blue.cccc The adizero adios Pro 2 uses super flimsy Celermesh 2.0 environmental protecting material, which keeps the lightweight, air permeability and supporting performance. The key point is the Adidas’ s environmental protection spirit.

We can see that the Celermesh 2.0 vamp is very thin in visual. It reduces the weight and improve the air permeability. The weight of running shoes is important to the runners.

The thickness of adizero adios Pro 2 is about 39mm. It hasn’t exceeded the international standard 40mm.

adizero adios Pro 2  uses LightstrikePRO double-deck insole structure with EnergyRods propelling system, and it adds a piece of carbon fiber plate on the shoe heel. The LightstrikePRO is Adidas present strongest cushioning foam. The energy feedback and resilience of LightstrikePRO is much better than other material.  The EnrgyRods and carbon fiber plate inject full energy to the shoes.

 The shoe heel of adizero adios Pro 2 also has small variation. It’s easier for the wearers to put on.

The shoe-pad also has punching design which improve the air permeability.

The outsole uses the Continental rubber with lightweight rubber. It keeps excellent traction performance and abrasive resistance.

Although we just tried adizero adios Pro 2 and haven’t tested it, but we can feel the excellent foot feeling of adizero adios Pro 2 even walking. The sole is soft and resilient due to the cooperation of LightstrikePRO and carbon fiber plate. The starting speed is fast. I believe that the excellent configuration of  adizero adios Pro 2 will help more people to break the record.