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361° Spire Performance Review

I’ve received this pair of 361° Spire for nearly 2 months and after a large amount of tests, the review is finally here. The 361° Spire is overall very satisfying for me so that I feel I am more into running in the shoes. As an amateur runner, like many of you, I don’t run much at night. However, after I got the shoes, I found that I went out to exercise more and more. It seems like there is something magic in the shoes.

Besides the shoes’ appearance, it impressed me most by its wrapping performance which was really excellent. As soon as I put the shoe on, it wrapped my feet tightly, but there was still extra room in the front foot, thus offering my toes to stretch out freely. However, in terms of the size, the fact is that the actually size is a bit smaller than that indicated in the shoes. Therefore, if you are a wide-footer, I suggest you pick a larger size in case there would be any discomfort.

With respect to the shoes’ cushioning, it is not bad as well. As a matter of fact, after several tests, it turned out that the cushion was quite elastic and appropriate instead of being too soft. On top of that, despite the nice cushioning, the shoe still offers an outstanding stability. Therefore, when asked to evaluate the cushion and stability, I should say that both of them can be said to be on top of the field.

Since I am used to running at night and I exercise relatively more in summer days, I have a high requirement for breathability of my running shoes. Therefore, every time I am making purchases, the shoes’ breathability is the first element of my choice. And when it comes to this pair of 361° Spire, its breathability is, objectively speaking, above average. Even after a long distance running, the inside of the shoes still kept very dry even though my feet were very hot. This should be credited to the superior materials of the vamp, and thanks to that, I can have an enjoyable experience.

The reflective designs are now widely seen in almost every running shoes. As is shown in the picture, there are reflective marks in the front, the rear and even the side of the shoes which are essential elements of running shoes. With those designs, runners can be absorbed in their exercise without worrying about their safety. However, the reflective materials are a bit small. From my perspective, it would be much better were the design made larger.

For this pair of shoes whose size is 42.5, a single one  weighs a little more than 300 grams. Although it is not the kind of super lightweight shoes, such weight definitely does not cause any burden to runners. And even if most lightweight running shoes on the market currently weigh less than 200 grams, this one is only 100 grams more.


Generally speaking, this pair of shoes is a perfect fit for daily training and matches. And in terms of this one, I think it  has done very well and there is a great possibility of launching new shoes in the future. With constant improvement and research and development, we are sure to come across a nicer model in the recent future.